A thriller about the passengers with different objectives on board a cruiser headed for China, being chased over and over again and unexpected happening of things.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Traffickers 2012 full movies, Traffickers torrents movie

A thriller about the passengers with different objectives on board a cruiser headed for China, being chased over and over again and unexpected happening of things. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (au) wrote: Friday, March 28, 2014 (2011) Oranges And Sunshine DRAMA Based on the book written by Margaret Humphreys called "Empty Cradles", which was based on fact. This movie is more about Margaret Humphreys, than it is about the victims. She's played by Emily Watson, and initially does what social workers do working in England. She also conducts those group therapy sessions, hearing about peoples childhood stories. One of them approaches her, and informs her that she can't seem to recollect anything about her actual parents, and hands her a file. While at home Margaret, decides to look at it, and finds out that sometime back in the 1950's , a number of British born children used to be shipped off to Australia, while bureaucracy inform the parent or parents that they were dead. Viewers are oblivious about the circumstances nor it's reasons why they used to do that, and Margaret doesn't go out of her way to find out, either. She does however, make it an attempt to reunite actual children(who're now adults) with their actual parents- considering if they're still living. Besides some British children being sent away to Australia, some were also abused by their caretakers, which the film also exposes including child exploitation. We always assumed that it doesn't happen to 'First World' countries, but here is an example that it can happen anywhere no matter where you live. Now, it's easy to make a movie about prosecuting people who were responsible, as well as showcase the reasons why it's being done in the first place, but that's usually a common occurrence which may not go anywhere. And the thing is, and as I've said before, the movie is much more about Margaret than it is about the victims, since she also had to make sacrifices too, such as spend less time with her husband and her two kids, threats regarding a certain monastery, and financial help. If viewers wanted some of those questions answered, then it should be up to the viewers to find out that information for themselves- perhaps it said something in the book. Maybe the victims can demand compensation. 3 out of 4 stars

Sam T (es) wrote: Interesting conflation of understated pulp fiction material and family dysfunction drama thanks to assured direction and beautifully composed scenes.

Grant H (nl) wrote: Pretty bad movie. While it has some entertainment value, the problem is that it feels a lot lazier than its predecessor, not being as graphic or violent. While some may see this as a good thing, this still is an R-rated film, but it didn't even try to earn the rating, feeling more like a television show at times. It had the same budget as the first, but it seems as though they spent it on keeping the elaborate sets rather than some good deaths. Also, the plot is fairly clever by using film students as the victims, but it strays away from urban legends as the MO, and the motive is just awful and barely becomes clear by the end. The performances don't speak for much either, Anderson and Devine probably being the most entertaining. While it certainly wasn't the worst sequel I've seen, it was far from being a good one.

Jerrod N (jp) wrote: this was alright wait till it comes out on dvd

Robert B (es) wrote: Based on a "real" incident from Wyoming's rustling- cattle range war past the film of course is pure 1950's Hollyood pulp western. OHara does a fine job as the Saloon owner ( in real life the character owned a small free range spread) as does he rest of the cast. Fun to watch once. Too bad Hollywood doesn't remake this with the real story as it would match Eastwood's Unforgiven for a modern die hard western.

Daniel B (ru) wrote: The Cush and Doug McClure travel to the core in a drill and stumble upon Caroline Munro's heaving bosom.

HappyFunTimePenguin (fr) wrote: Dark and more realistic than any other superhero movie.

Zaw M (de) wrote: Ron Howard did an amazing job again. The film is very good. Love the casts and the story.

Brynn D (br) wrote: best western movie!!