When straight arrow FBI agent Roy Clayton heads up the investigation into a dangerous international conspiracy, all clues seem to lead back to former U.S. Special Operations officer, Samir Horn.

When straight-arrow agent Roy Clayton assumes command of a special FBI task force, he becomes entangled in a web of covert operations with all clues seeming to lead back to former U.S. Special Operations officer, Samir Horn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen C (gb) wrote: After what was seen by many as a period in the wilderness even though he made some interesting films for television ,Robert Altman returned to big filmmaking with a cutting black satire on the state of Hollywood.Altman and screenwriter Michael Tolkin attack the big dumb blockbuster mentality head on and show that even in Tinsel town you can get away with virtually anything .Tim Robbins plays hotshot movie exec Griffin Mill who has it all but is fearful of his job when a deadly rival joins the studio.To add to Mills problems a anonymous screenwriter is sending him death threats in the mail and most of the pitches for films he hears are rehashes of big blockbuster hits.Attempting to get to the bottom of the hate mail he crosses over the line into murder and looks like he is heading for a fall.The film then blows a big raspberry for those looking for the right as Altman shows that human life is nothing compared to box office receipt's.Tim Robbins is excellent as Griffin Mill all charm but as shallow as hell when his friends and bosses think American movies are the real films as opposed to European films which in there view don't count.The celebrity cameos are good fun too with Buck Henry trying to pitch The Graduate 2 and Alan Rudolph being mistaken for Martin Scorsese.Then of course there is Habeas Corpus the film that Mill gets through the studio with its terrible ending and cameos from Altman's 70s stock company of actors.A dazzling return by the master then and the perfect template for the masterpiece that would follow in the shape of Short Cuts.

Sean O (jp) wrote: Sexist BS - what a joke.

Peter Y (jp) wrote: Pretty much the complete storyline for the whole of Prison Break season one compressed into one movie! Plus copious amounts of swearing and Goldberg! Silly and violent but a good brain-off movie.

Morgaine v (de) wrote: This is the first film that i have seen where the characters actually could be real people.

Sherry R (nl) wrote: This plot has been done and redone, so the really interesting part was just Jeff.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Nothing much happens here, but it's rather endearing nonetheless.

Susan S (jp) wrote: Pas mal! The time-reverse might not be unique but certainly not much of those exist as I could recall. This method has done wonders to this movie. I was keep guessing the causes of what happened in their later lives and getting proved or disproved later in the movies with their earlier lives. One thing I like the most was that, though their relationship ended with divorce, but the movie ended with growing love. When it reached the end even though I knew what had happened in the beginning, looking at the figures of two people walking into the setting sun, I still got some warm sensation that something beautiful was about to happen... And I could never state this enough that I love French movies because they don't spoil the story by spelling everything out and a 'two years later...' part that kills all the imagination audience could have like what American movies usually do. I can be one of the writers who write the story in the way they want..

Rob P (es) wrote: The money shots are blurred out !?!?!

Jason J (de) wrote: Entertaining HK flick with Sammo taking on hopping vampires. Action and comedy rolled into one great film.

Allan C (kr) wrote: This was the last remaining Billy Wilder directed film I had never yet seen. It's a charming romantic comedy in the classic Wilder mold, although less cynical than some of his other later period comedy/dramas, i.e. "The Fortune Cookie" or "The Apartment".

John T (ru) wrote: Swinging 60's mad, mod and spies what more could anyone want? ooh! A great soundtrack? - Its got that too

Roland S (fr) wrote: The young couple are the weak link. Apart from that excellent

Janette R (br) wrote: Cute but slow. When several years pass it seams like it has just been a year. The time lapse wasn't very good.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Not necessarily a sports movie, this does however play a major part in the depiction of how Mandela went about his business of creating a new nation out of a very divided people. There's a few liberties taken with events, but this does not get in the way of a very good story.