Traktor TG-50 I

Traktor TG-50 I


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:16 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Traktor TG-50 I 1962 full movies, Traktor TG-50 I torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:DeGea
  • Country:Yugoslavia
  • Director:Svetozar Pavlovic
  • Writer:Svetozar Pavlovic

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Traktor TG-50 I torrent reviews

Casey P (us) wrote: OMG this movie is hilarious I love it

Nancy P (gb) wrote: it looks like a tear jerker!

Michael H (gb) wrote: A worthy concept. A disappointing movie. The production values were straight out of late 60s early 70s low budget American television: the hard contrast videotape appearing visuals; the harsh, hollow audio, sounding as if recorded in a big empty studio; clumsy superimposed images; the dated piano and cello underscore, and even the narrative structure reminded be of the Sunday morning dramas of faith which I watched occasionally in the early 70s. The production sensibilities landed so solidly in the style of low budget contemporary television drama of the early 70s that I simply could not convince myself that the movie took place at any other time despite the sets, costumes, and subject matter. The movie itself expressed and belabored its themes with the same subtlety as those Sunday morning television parables as well. There's potential in this story and I hope it receives a better treatment sometime.

Arissha S (gb) wrote: The songs are the best and this movie teaches a lot about friendship...

Marc R (nl) wrote: A colossal disappointment. I'd say i enjoyed maybe 4mins of it.

Ellie B (nl) wrote: I really like this movie....I just really don't like the ending of the movie though...

Caleb K (kr) wrote: I laughed, I cried, but above all was awe-inspired.

Abby J (de) wrote: Love this movie. One of my all-time favorites!

Brody M (gb) wrote: This movie was great

Justin S (ca) wrote: An interesting look at U2's last few tastes of American roots-ish music before they "tore down the Joshua Tree", filled with strong performances of U2's more popular songs at the time, a few decent covers, some interesting jamming sessions with a variety of folks like B.B. King, a gospel choir, and trumpet players out of Harlem.As a film it's not that great, but U2 still comes off strong.

Joy H (jp) wrote: I laughed so hard This is really woth seeing.

Dylan J (ru) wrote: One of my favourite movies of all time. It can be confusing and might take a few times watching before understanding the spectacular and very well written thriller. If you're into CIA psychological thrillers, this movie is on top with one of the best movies ever made in this genre.