Trancers II

Trancers II

Once again someone from the future has come back to create an army of Trancers, human zombies who do what they're told without question or pause. Now officer Jack Deth, a cop from the future stranded in the past, must once again go forth to stop them. This sci-fi action sequel chronicles his courageous actions as he struggles to save the future. His difficulties are compounded when his boss sends his first wife back from the future to help Deth who has unfortunately, married a 20th-century girl.

Extraordinary cop Jack Deth is called up to fight in deadly battle with zombies. Suddenly, his fist wife becomes his partner to help him. What challenges will they face? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trancers II torrent reviews

Pavan R (mx) wrote: Was great fun. I think it was adapted from a play and a job well done. Great concept and message and some hilarious dialogues with very good performances.

Laura R (es) wrote: Meh...but I do love Ethan Hawke.

Tim K (ru) wrote: This...was...horrible. On every level, despite some decent actors involved. They all wanted their name off this thing when it was done, I suspect.

Lauren C (fr) wrote: Cheesy as hell but hey that's how most horror films are. I loved it. Watched it at least 10 different times. Main dude is clearly wearing a wig, and characters were very stereotyped but I think there was humor in that. I know people that would be super frightened by this movie. This is the type of scary movie I find myself looking for and I usually don't find ones like this.

Tim C (nl) wrote: 19/07/20082.45Potent and gritty narrative that successfully mines its territory examining the male psyche in modern surburban Australia. Fine performances from all involved.

Logan M (ru) wrote: A sad low point for Jim Henson's beloved creations, "Muppets From Space" is absolutely dreadful.

Andrew J (us) wrote: Was that Jack from Hollyoaks?

James R (gb) wrote: Alarmingly entertaining.Charles Dance steals every scene he's in.

Max V (de) wrote: Hilarious, horrible, sad, violent, sexual, pure 90's look and feel, a NIN sticker in the car, Joy Division mentionned. I got a violent 90's flashback when seeing/remembering the old creditcard system...

David F (gb) wrote: A creepy film by the acclaimed Italian horror director Mario Bava, Baron Blood follows a pair of people who accidentally summon the return of a notorious murderer from his grave during the restoration of his castle. Great tone and atmosphere, as is the par for a Bava movie, but this is one of his best.

Gregory W (jp) wrote: not one their best but good though

Josh F (nl) wrote: I see that it got bad reviews, but I actually quite enjoyed this one. I love Hanks and Roberts, so that's a good start. Just a cute movie.

Rob S (us) wrote: I feel like I have to keep in mind this is one of Scorsese's earliest films since this film was such a bore to me. I thought I would be intrigued with what the film would have in store for me after the intro to the film before the credits. Harvey Keitel's voice-over which ties redeeming sins in with his life on the "mean streets."After the credits we are introduced to the four main characters of the film via titles. Robert De Niro plays a goof ball gangster who is unreliable and is often late on payments. This sets up a few fights/confrontations really well, so Johnny Boy can be viewed as a driving force of the film.Other than this, the film just kind of plays out however the plot seems fit. Keitel's character has a "secret" romance that doesn't seem to go anywhere important, and shows tension in his character's life. Ultimately, Keitel and De Niro manage to make enemies out of friends and end up in trouble at the film's finale. This is honestly all I can take away from the film; there isn't really a story and I don't connect with any characters. It has a nice aesthetic but that is about it.