U.S. Treasury Department agents go after a ring of counterfeiters.

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Tracey S (ag) wrote: Interesting documentary.

Andrew M (fr) wrote: The People vs. George Lucas offers up some interesting viewpoints on how both the diehard fan and the more professional viewers view Lucas' "downfall", even if it's not the deepest or most technically impressive documentary.

Dawn R (kr) wrote: True story about a Punjabi woman who falls into an abusive marriage and is sentenced to life in prison when she burns him in his bed. As always, beautiful Aishwarya Rai pulled it off once again.

Kyle H (kr) wrote: Was an interesting movie, but the last 3/4 pretty much ruined it for me. Affleck started out as a not very believeable character but turned into fitting the role well.

benji l (fr) wrote: Fun, but not very good.

Leon B (mx) wrote: Review:I honestly think that Elizabeth Shue was a bad choice for the lead in this movie because she didn't really play her role that convincingly. I think that I saw this movie when it first came out and I wasn't that impressed then. The storyline wasn't that bad and I liked the chemistry between Shue and Thomas Jane, who plays her boyfriend, but she just seemed a bit too normal compared to Hoffman in Rainman. There are a couple of emotional scenes which were well written, but it seemed pretty dated and boring in parts. I know that the movie is quite old and that it didn't really blow up at the box office when it first came out, but a I thought that I would give this movie a go because I'm a fan of Aaron Eckhart. Basically, it could have been much better, but it's a sweet little film that has it's emotional moments. Average!Round-Up:As Downey Junior says in Tropic Thunder, "You Never Go Full Retard". This type of role really needs a professional actor to pull it off and Elizabeth Shue wasn't the one. After sending her in Leaving Las Vegas and The Saint, which was an awful movie, she wouldn't have been my first choice to play a mentally disturbed character. I did like Aaron Eckhart who put in a great performance alongside Thomas Jane, but I did get bored after a while and I lost interest.Budget: $21millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into there emotional dramas about a brother who takes in his mentally disturbed sister who finds it difficult to fit into day to day life. 4/10

Anna M (au) wrote: Absolutely hilarious!!!

Jack O (nl) wrote: And now the one that really chilled and thrilled me, The Lion King the most powerful film of all time. I've seen the trailers from it in VHS's years ago when I was a kid and teenager, taken from The Fox and the Hound, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Pocahontas, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Aristocats, Aladdin and The Sword in the Stone. This movie did so well it grossed a total of $968. How's that for a Disney movie. I gotta tell ya, this is one of my favourite Disney films of all time. I think it's everybody favourites as well. Hell, I actually cried at one scene but I'll get to that later. The songs are catchy and memorable like songs called Circle of Life, that's a powerful song, I Just Can't Wait To Be King, the one that I've sing is Be Prepared, there's Hakuna Matata and Can You Feel The Love Tonight. There's another by Elton John which my friend Sam Hudson liked cause he likes Elton John. As you know, the songs are by Elton John and Tim Rice. Even the music sounds different. Listen to the powerful verses from every music taken from every scene from this masterpiece. It's composed by Hans Zimmer. I've just found out that he most movies in the decade. He just the master of music. One of my friends loved it. actually there's only one person who actually love it and that is my friend who is from my old school and who is obsessed with this The Lion King, he's name is Matthew Fender. I gotta tell you, me and Matthew have been quoting dialogue. Like I said me and my friends been doing it non-stop. We were singing songs from it. Okay, let me clarify, The song called ''Be Prepared'' right? Well I gotta tell ya, I've been singing it. Don't believe me? Well go check out my facebook and find it. The animation is just top notch. The animator used the same animation what they did like in The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. They use hand drawn animation and computer animation together to make the animation look realistic. It's fantastic. The characters are memorable and hilariously funny. There's Simba voiced by Matthew Broderick, Mufasa the most powerful king in the entire world and teaches Simba how to become a great king, he is voiced by James Earl Jones, there's Scar who is my favourite Disney villian who is makes me laugh and takes over Pride Rock. He also gets some funny lines like ''That was today? Ohh, I felt simply awful! Must have slip my mind.'' and ''An elephant graveyard is no place for a young prince. Oops!'' Hilarious, isn't it? The two pals Timon and Pumbaa, they're funny and they get there own TV show. Nala who is best friend, Zazu Mufasa's majordomo and guess what? He's voiced by Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson. How fascinating is that, huh? The wise old Rafiki, shaman of the Pride Lands and then there's three funny hyenas, Shenzi who is sassy and she plays by Whoopi Goldberg, Banzai who is funny and aggressive and he's voiced by Cheech Marin who also voiced Tito from Oliver and Company. Actually two characters from Cheech Marin is hilarious and funny. And Ed who does not talk but only laughs. Man, these characters are so great I could even think the three hyenas who are the highlight of this movie and they even get some funny lines like Banzai says ''Mufasa!'' and other characters Zazu even Timon and Pumbaa. Now let's get on with the scenes. The scenes are hilarious, powerful and groundbraking even the story makes the film strong and extraordinary. The scene where Mufasa shows Simba how to become a great king and the scene where Simba, Nala and Zazu went to the elephant graveyard after Simba singing I Just Can't Wait To The King they come across three hyenas so they escaped but Zazu is captured and puts into the geysor and flew away, the scene where Scar singing ''Be Prepared'' that's a really great song. The stampede scene is just brilliant and so powerful with the most powerful music ever put on film where Simba gets chased by Wildebeests in the gorge and Mufasa saves him and begs Scar to help him but Scar kills Mufasa. Now while I was watching Mufasa's death I was in tears. Remember what I said in the Turner and Hooch film? That's what I mean. And I gotta tell you guys, much like Bambi where Bambi's mom is shot, you don't see the body. In this one though, you see Mufasa's body. That is a saddest and upsetting thing for kids! But what makes the stampede scene look great and magical is the animation. The wildebeests is made from computer animation and the characters are hand drawn animation. It is big! If you take a look of that scene you might be look at it on Blu ray standard because that is the magic. Scar tells Simba to run away and never return and sends three hyenas to kill him but they stopped where the funniest scene where Banzai got stung by prickles and Shanzi says ''There ain't no way I'm going in there. What, you want me to come out looking like you? Cactus-Butt?'' Now that's hilarious! There are some that you all about. What makes this movie good is just the size of it. The opening song is great, the scenes are hilarious and powerful, the ending scene is just fricking fantastic! Fricking awsome! Everyone remembers the songs, the story, the characters, the music, the animation, everything about it is A-MA-ZING! Matthew Fender and I love quoting the lines from it and just like me, Jacob and Liam though this is the most powerful Disney film to be ever remembered and loved. Absolutley phenomenal film! Remember, we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.

Greg W (fr) wrote: good actioner and another lost review

Anthony I (kr) wrote: An existential parody of russian literature. The first of it's kind, the only of it's kind and the best of it's kind.

Eve H (br) wrote: Despite the modified Buster Brown haircut, 27 year old Natalie Wood just doesn't come across as a 16 year old. And "sophisticated" Wade Lewis was played by 29 year old Robert Redford .. only 2 years older than Natalie Wood!

bly j (jp) wrote: i know i know. mtv. but i love the cartoon way too much

Brandon K (ca) wrote: okay fight scenes for it's time...not much else besides that.

Michael W (us) wrote: The chemistry between Saldana and Kutcher is entirely convincing. The movie left me wishing that they were a couple in real life. It was sweet, funny, and I kind of loved it.

Adam C (nl) wrote: If you ever wondered, how soft-gore, nazisploitation, noir, Troma and "Manos: The Hands of Fate" would look like mixed all together in one flick... well, then "HCH" is your answer. Only for "Bad movies" maniacs.

Greg N (es) wrote: Good for the moving story we get of an imprisoned journalist in Iran. Bad for Jon Stewart giving us a drama instead of a Daily Show type political satire movie.

Neira O (nl) wrote: awesome! :D i love this movies it soooo funny xD

Isla B (jp) wrote: OK it probably shouldn't have taken me 40 years to watch this. Never realised that it was actually about obsession. JS is excellently creepy.

Geoff J (it) wrote: A zombie movie set in the civil war should be good fun...and it is for the first 30 minutes, then not so much