College student Tracy (Laura Lee Black) has just received an assignment to write a report on her favorite film genre. In her research she discovers a book, now Tracy is taken into three interlocking tales of the unexpected. First in THE VAT, two women (Jenny Coulter / Rodney Horn) are harassed by a religious fanatic (Angie Keeling) about their worldly ways. When the bible thumping hypocrite threatens violence, chaos takes it's toll. Next in BIG DEBBIE, a robust woman (Rodney Horn) is abandoned at the altar, she runs into two guys that use her to fulfill their odd sexual fetish. When one accidentally dies, they're forced to get rid of the body... the only problem: a woman on the edge (Rachel Stout) witnesses the ditching and blackmails them into killing her cheating girlfriend (Kelli Ellis). Finally in INGLOURIOUS BITCHES, a quirky pair of female vigilantes (Douglas Conner / Brian Dorton) use an app on a cellphone to track down and murder sex offenders.

College student Tracy (Laura Lee Black) has just received an assignment to write a report on her favorite film genre. In her research she discovers a book, now Tracy is taken into three interlocking tales of the unexpected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Favio V (au) wrote: Un gringo con una bolsa de dinero se mete en problemas en pueblo El Fronteras. Entretenida y buena accin.

Laurent P (mx) wrote: Une com (C)die approximative bourr (C)e de poncifs honteux qui faute d'impertinence (C)choue envisager une quelconque satire sociale autour du sujet du couple mixte. Paresseux et peu divertissant, globalement film (C) comme de la t (C)l (C).

Andy P (es) wrote: An insightful and revealing documentary that charts the rise of the band and the heartbreaking story of Ian Curtis, enhanced greatly by honest accounts from his fellow band members.

Gustavo A (br) wrote: lovely, relaxing and cute little gem of independent u.s. cinema with a surprisingly strong cast. highly recommended.

Nicole L (fr) wrote: I can't even get into this movie because the acting is so bad. The main girl actress is the worst out of the bunch.

bill s (ag) wrote: The one or two laughs in this comedy are just not enough.

Christian C (mx) wrote: This film is billed as "hysterically historical". I found the film did not live up to that billing or the potential afforded by the film's concept. To me, the film was more a family drama come bildungsroman with occasional moments of light humor. It is acted well, with good sets and costumes. I enjoyed the film, but only once I abandoned my expectation of humor.

Thomas P (it) wrote: Brilliant. Classic. Suspense, but no violence or gore. This is a thrilling treat of a movie.A wink to the monster flicks of the 50s and yet so much better.Finely tuned script, solid cinematography, and perfectly paced tension - this kept M. Night Shyamalan on the map after The Sixth Sense, tho honestly his acting here slowed the movie down for such a pivotal character, but that's a small thing compared to this finely tuned mystery.Thrilling, hilarious incidental humor, great acting, some heartfelt goodness about family support when you aren't sure who you can trust, and a nod to those who have lost their faith and their hope, that maybe its time to dig deeper and rethink it again.I loved this movie, and bought it soon after seeing it.4.5 tin hats out of 5 (just go see the movie - worthy.)

bill s (gb) wrote: Entertaining but overly sappy and melodramatic..,,,better if made for TV.

Borhan K (fr) wrote: Picture This a far fall from the High School Musical days if you want this to be a grade I classify it as just a pass over the line. This movie is nothing else but what you expect it to be a small cute teen romantic trying to be comedic but has no timing and does not know what message it wants to send out to its audiences.Besides Ashley Tisdale it has Shenae Grimes from the new 90210 spin-off and Kevin Pollak playing dad roles.Picture This movie to be a straight to DVD or blue ray movie I wish I had directors commentary it may have been more interesting that way.Nothing too out there here it can be watched by all but it may be found boring.


Russ B (ca) wrote: 4/15/2017: Meh. Could have been decent but fell flat. Very forgettable.

Alfredo S (nl) wrote: If you need a guidance on how to make an amazing animated movie, remember to watch this one at least a thousand times and you'll realize you will never get close enough.