Tre uomini e una gamba

Tre uomini e una gamba

Three friends cross Italy by car in order to deliver their boss his dog and a wooden leg.

Three friends cross Italy by car in order to deliver their boss his dog and a wooden leg. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxanne R (au) wrote: Not sure why Netflix added this title to my top 10 list but after watching it, I found it rather depressing. Initially I thought it would be empowering like "Dead Poets Society" where a teacher through unconventional methods shows his pupils the real meaning of life and to seize the day; unfortunately after the first hour I saw how it veered into a repressed, frustrated teacher (Miss G played by Eva Green) living vicariously through her wealthy students at the boarding school and developing a crush for an aristocratic Spanish girl named Fiamma (Maria Valverde). The other girls sense something is wrong after a midnight party to celebrate the feast of St. Agnes turns sour and lives will be changed forever afterwards. Elements of jealousy, envy, betrayal are depicted as it occurs during adolescence and frankly films like this one makes me question how effective boarding schools really are. I find them too solitary and the effects of single sex education may be detrimental. I will agree with the insightful critic review of James Berardinelli of ReelViews.

H Fernando A (ru) wrote: es como una pieza de arte, contempornea, que refleja los miedos y los pendientes que vamos acarreando por la vida. fina, elegante y muy profunda. vale la pena!

Mitts 2 (mx) wrote: If you like the good old fashioned detective movies, then this one is for you. Since I'm not really into that, I was a bit bored with the whole thing. But there was still enough interest to make me want to see how it all ended. Unfortunately, I found the ending a bit predictable.

Ian M (kr) wrote: Great movie, great songs (even if one or two are filler), great acting, great comedy, and yes, there are a few boring bits, but watch it a second time and you'll probably gloss over them because you'll know how much good stuff is right around the corner.A must-see for any Muppet fan and a must-see for anyone who calls themselves a Tim Curry fan. Meaning everyone.

Michael G (jp) wrote: Once you get past the stellar title sequence you'll probably spend most of the 90-minute running time wanting something very bad to happen to John Cassavettes' character. Crime in the Streets starts off kind of promising but it quickly turns into a Rebel Without Cause/Blackboard Jungle copycat with none of the charisma.

Fernando Rafael Q (fr) wrote: As it says in the movie, "Ziegfeld never cared so much about villains, plot, stories. The Ziegfeld Follies was itself a story of an era". So, while it doesn't offer anything in terms of narrative, this is a priceless document that gathers some of the biggest stars of the 40's, luminaries who have become celluloid icons. Sadly, the real star power (Judy Garland, Gene Kelly) appears too late into the picture, after an hour and a half of random musical numbers, dance sequences and comedic skits. So much style and so little substance does get tiresome after a while and, while the film's visually dazzling, it's also unbearably campy and over-the-top. Of course it didn't seem that way 60 years ago, but some bits are incredibly racist and/or offensive. See only for Garland's "The Great Lady Has An Interview" number and the amazing pairing of two of dance's biggest legends, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in "The Babbitt And The Bromide". Then again, you could watch those two clips on YouTube and save yourself the boredom.

Robyn M (it) wrote: Don't bother, it's not remotely close in comparison to the orignal...The storyline is complete far-fetched junk that drags. A man searches for "The Candyman" who destroyed his family, ironically also framed him for murder when he got to close. His sister trys to prove he doesn't exsist by calling his name only to erupt havoc over her life and any other Non-believer. I'm a Non-believer for the shelf life to the flick.

Skyla M (mx) wrote: it looks like it could be funny

Jackson S (gb) wrote: A thinking man's car movie.

Anna P (es) wrote: A few laughs, nothing more.

Ricardo A (ru) wrote: Kristen Bell delivers a great performance despite a plain story with little laughs and little drama.