Treading Water

Treading Water

Casey (Angela Redman) has rejected her privileged upbringing and restores old boats for a living. She lives a cozy life with her beautiful social worker girlfriend Alex (super sexy Nina Landey) until her stuffy family demands that she come home for Christmas – without Alex.Casey is a longshorewoman who seems to have everything she wants; she and her girlfriend Alex are very much in love. But there’s nothing like the holidays to bring out the drama of the average family. Casey lives just across the bay from her upper crust New England family. The proximity seems no accident: Casey can’t quite let go, despite her family’s judgmental and inescapable hold on her otherwise independent and unconventional life. When the family reunites for Christmas, the unwrapping of presents takes a back seat to the unraveling of emotions.

Casey has rejected her privileged upbringing and restores old boats for a living. She lives with her beautiful social worker girlfriend Alex in what seems like a cozy new life until her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamil K (kr) wrote: Exprimental et exprienciel.

Adam L D (us) wrote: This movie blew my mind and to think i used to work at WalMart, i am so glad i don't any more. Eye opener of the back room dealing of corporate America and its need for greed. Needs to be watched by anyone who wants to either buy life insurance or invest in anything other than your families. Recommended.

Iggy A (ag) wrote: Watchable but I wouldn't recommend working or lower middle class people paying good money to see it. Top quality people in it - which means significant money went into making it - so I'd expect much better out of the talent and budget...

James H (de) wrote: Really good interviews of astronauts who were involved in the beginning of the space program. Informative with great use of footage from the 1960?s and this documentary gives you an enriched view of the 1960?s astronauts and the work they did. Well done.

Straub S (mx) wrote: slightly underrated..but very good

Jay B (br) wrote: Really, very, boring. Semi-Pro isn't even stupid enough to be funny... just stupid enough to be annoying.

Frederick M (gb) wrote: It's a minimalist, low-budget indie flick about gay graffiti artists. Yes, that old tired story. Pretty well done though. One of the taggers is an anarchistic youth who steals food, smokes weed, doesn't work, disobeys all authority and generally hates 'The System'. The other boy is more clean-cut and dreams of getting his work in a gallery. It's an interesting dynamic. Not a bad movie. Definitely unique.

John C (ca) wrote: I've seen student films with more technical savvy, but watch this and try not to fall in love with these people. That's right, not characters, PEOPLE. Elizabeth Pea is amazing.

David D (es) wrote: The whole story is exciting , as the movie goes on the viewer gets a real insight to how a person can get attached to something so small, like a football . Tom Hanks as always lived up to his legendary reputation and in my opinion an Oscar worthy performance. 5/5

Grace S (ru) wrote: Eh, judging by Julia's movies, this one looks entertaining but probably isn't clean.

Charlie W (mx) wrote: one of the best love stories ever

Private U (it) wrote: Kirk Vs Yul, great little film

Frances H (es) wrote: Wonderful musical and children's film with great songs, Danny Kaye at his marvelous best, and Jeanmaire at her most graceful and charming with Farley Granger at his most handsome. A beautiful film experience for the whole family.

Koh M (ru) wrote: the film is basically an "everyday" drama of south-korean life, but a big political allegory about US-korean relationship in general. a must watch for anyone interested in kim ki-duk's works.

David T (ru) wrote: A very different film aimed at teen audiences. Of course I wouldn't care, but deep down I would be happy if I had a daughter that preferred this to the Twilight saga.

Alexander H (it) wrote: Worst movie I've seen in at least 5 years... Don't waste your life on this POS.

Gaspar O (jp) wrote: Despite being a little slow, and Malin Akerman's character having you pondering the merits of taking a life, this was pretty damn good. The Doug character may well have you pondering the merits of taking another life, thus turning you into a serial killer, but I gotta give 'em credit, they did a good job of putting every self-important motivational speaker/author on Earth into a big pot, stirring it up and giving us Doug, Douche Extraordinaire. This is not an exciting film, but it's an entertaining film nonetheless. When good triumphs over douchebaggery, it's always a win. Finally, I've never singled out a critic before, and I know the idiotic twit will never see this, but I must say, Jeannette Catsoulis is an imbecile.

Juan H (nl) wrote: Famke Janssen was great in this film. As was Rip Torn. I was intrigued by all the characters and how they came about to be in the situations they were in. Unfortunately, the ending, for me, did not play up to the rest of the film.