Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Enchanted by the idea of locating treasure buried by Captain Flint, Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey and Jim Hawkins charter a sailing voyage to a Caribbean island. Unfortunately, a large number of Flint's old pirate crew are aboard the ship, including Long John Silver.

Enchanted by the idea of locating treasure buried by Captain Flint, Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey and Jim Hawkins charter a sailing voyage to a Caribbean island. Unfortunately, a large ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (mx) wrote: Danny Boyle's 127 Hours is a magnificent movie that I kept watching it and still love it. The movie is not always about Aaron Ralston being stuck with a rock as it shows the event before it, and his past from what his love life is, and the mistakes he made that he regrets. From what I heard from Aron Ralston himself, he said that the movie is factually accurate, except for the scene with him taking two girls to the secret watering hole as he actually just showed them how to climb the rocks, which I was still fine with Danny Boyle changing that fact we the scene was still pretty good. The writing by Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy is very well written that I'm glad that they make the film as interesting as they can with funny moments also. James Franco gives his best performance in my opinion and I'm surprised that he didn't get an Oscar for Best Actor. The move gives a lot of information about the main character that made me feel sorry for him and would want him to succeed. When it gets to the arm amputation scene, it's one of the moments that would take some viewers away form it which makes sense as I kept cringing from it, but it doesn't respect the gore and is probably the most realistic thing you can get from a person cutting an arm off. The soundtrack by A.R Rahman is really great and it really makes the film more intense or more heartfelt. The camerawork is really good as it gets really close to James Franco's character which gives the films feel of claustrophobia, and the direction by Danny Boyle is great as usual. 127 Hours is a fantastic survival movie that really gives a perfect example of how a person wants to get out of that situation but also keeps calm about it, to just desperation of surviving.

Nate W (br) wrote: Presley Chweneyagae gives a remarkable performance as the title character in Gavin Hood's "Tsosti", a violent young gang leader who learns to feel compassion for others after discovering a baby in the back of a car he's jacked. Hood's adaptation of Athol Fugard's novel is tight and tense, and his direction works wonders at making the impoverished Johannesburg ghetto as integral a character to the story as the human ones. Themes about the oppressive power that poverty and squalor can have on an individual and his/her life choices make it a sobering film to sit through in some respects, but the ultimately hopeful message resides in the ability of the human spirit to overcome such circumstances and turn things around.

Cesar Q (mx) wrote: Interesting, smart and touching. An interesting approach to a "waiting for Godot" tale with smart witty dialogue

Jay B (de) wrote: Interesting, BUT Moore comes off as an annoying prick with a dull narration, the editing is awkward and .... IT HAS LITTLE TO NOTHING TO DO WITH COLUMBINE.

Elena H (fr) wrote: Several truly beautiful short films that capture believable futures and the people in them.

Jordan K (fr) wrote: I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some aspects of Stealing Harvard. The overall premise wasn't bad (I'll get back to that) and I enjoyed Jason Lee's performance but some of the comedy felt flat and - ugh - damn you, Tom Green!Average joe John regrets a promise he made years before to his niece that he would pay for her college tuition - he finds himself in between a rock and a hard place when she gets into Harvard, John and his awkward buddy Duff resorting to crime to get $30,000 all whilst John tackles money spent on a dream house, the cops, and his boss/father in law growing more suspicious of his actions.Stealing Harvard is far from great but honestly isn't terrible. Sure, the acting kinda sucks, with the exception of Jason Lee, who captures the averageness of his character decently. Tom Green is the elephant in the room. His character, aside from his typically terrible performance, is awkward and unfunny, typically making most decent scenes ruined with idiotic dialogue. His character's schtick isn't even clearly stated - it's a cross between nerdy and awkwardly weird. John C. McGinley's character as a tough as nails(ish) cop is a mystery, as well. The film wants to, at times, make his character a main antagonist but can't make its mind up on using John's father in law or McGinley's character, who enters the film way too late to even be a major character. The story is decent but many opportunities could have strung from it and the same overall premise with a different setting outside of a college atmosphere has been done to death before. The comedy can be overall flat and a little immature but isn't anything too terrible, unless it's Green or McGinley. Stealing Harvard gets a bad wrap - it's far from great but it's not awful. It's dumb and some areas are noticably bad, but there are far worse comedies (especially in Green's resum (C)) than Stealing Harvard.

Dryorophus (es) wrote: Recommended by Arianeta

Claudette A (jp) wrote: Generally a good film. Something to watch on a cold rainy night.

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