Treasure of Monte Cristo

Treasure of Monte Cristo

A San Francisco lawyer (Steve Brodie) uses a woman (Adele Jergens) to lure a merchant seaman (Glenn Langan) worth a legendary fortune.

This modern tale borrows from an old story in establishing Langan, who works on a ship that docks in San Francisco, as a descendant of the Count of Monte Cristo. Crooked Lawyer Brodie sets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (de) wrote: Ah it was an alright movie not as funny as I thought it be but it was in the middle of being alright and ok

Ghibran S (mx) wrote: film ini yang buat aq jadi cinta ama Tennis..

Daniel S (gb) wrote: Okay coming of age drama disguised as a crime drama. Alec Baldwin and Freddie Prinze Jr. actually come off pretty well but whilst the story is decent, it's nothing special.

Vadim D (jp) wrote: I don't understand the logic behind green-lighting the movie. Ford is not bad. Anne Heche is not bad. The story is forgettable, but watchable. However, all together, it just doesn't work.

Private U (it) wrote: The songs are my life and NOTHING IS FUNNIER THAN"DIRRTTYY MIND!" omfg i loved this since I was 4 hahaha so entertaining

Evan G (mx) wrote: classic movie that i watch again, has everything you need including half dead siamease twins

Stephen T (br) wrote: Now here is an interesting film: (1) a Search & Rescue in the Arctic circa 1928, (2) an ecumenical production of British-French-Italian-Soviet cast and crew (during the Cold War), and (3) the political atmosphere at the time (1969), which allowed a film like this to be made. Make no mistake, this film is very much a product of the Cold War. Anyone who watches this film closely, can sense the hidden distrust, annoyance, and general uneasiness. Is that due to the nature and subject of the film, or due to the outside political atmosphere; no one can say for certain, but probably both. The film concerns the leadership, search, and rescue attempts of various nations for General Umberto Nobile and his surviving airship crew who crash near the North Pole after a violent wind storm. Prior to this, there is the flash-forward of General Nobile and his roundtable of ghosts circa 1969. Also, Claudia Cardinale's expanded role as a nurse in love with a key member of Nobile's crew. Narrative interest in the film wanes after about thirty minutes, with a few interesting micro-events such as polar bear hunting with a pistol and a Sean Connery extended cameo as legendary polar explorer Roald Amundsen being the only relief. Remembering the political context at the time in the late 1960s with space exploration being dominated by the U.S., Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev surely wanted the world to see (and remember) a triumph of his country in the realm of exploration, which was the search and rescue of Western experts in the Arctic - a noted Soviet playground. A few final thoughts are these: (1) it's nice to see a late-career Peter Finch in a leading role that isn't The Network (1976, Sidney Lument), (2) it's good to see Sean Connery in anything, but alas, he is simply a device for English-language markets here and his character doesn't bring much to the film (although it had potential), and (3) that definitive Cold War actor- Hardy Kruger; Kruger steals the otherwise lackluster film by using his devil-may-care attitude whenever possible, flirting frequently and often with Ms. Cardinale, and trying to humor an otherwise humorless film. Also, Kruger's character drills Finch's Nobile at the central theme of the film, which is the nature of leadership. Let's leave it at this Umberto Nobile is no Ernest Shackleton.

Sarah T (kr) wrote: I'm a big fan of The Munsters and I thought this was a excellent movie to the series, it is far away from being as good as Series one and two but it holds its own and delivers good Munster comedy!!

Rangan R (jp) wrote: The quick money does not come from easy way!It is a remake of the Thai film '13 Beloved'. Not seen the original film, but this is a very familiar theme. Some good films were already made out of it and this one is slightly different. It is about a man who is expecting a baby with his girlfriend who he is going marry very soon. But he gets fired from his job and clueless about raising a child and maintain the family. Then a strange phone call gives him a series of challenges to win with a greater reward. It all begins with a small easy task and then begin to complicate when he can't back off as per the rules he has agreed. Now how far he goes to finish it off what he had started was told in the rest of the film.Since this is not a fresh idea for a film, I expected the story to be very good, but a little disappointed. At least it opened well and overall first half was much better. Later the film did not stand up to what it was promised in the earlier. But kind of unpredictable way it was developed. Seeing how the film was received, those who liked the original version did not like this one. That happens all the time as expected. Even though if you haven't seen the Thai film, the chances are slim one to enjoy it, especially if you have seen and liked the films like '12 Rounds', 'The Game', including the recent 'Nerve'. Not bad for watching at once, but instead I would suggest other similar title if you ask me.5/10