Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge

As a group of Danish children pass into adolescence, gradually the most popular girl becomes an outcast, for trivial reasons that she never understands.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   boy,   love,  

As a group of Danish children pass into adolescence, gradually the most popular girl becomes an outcast, for trivial reasons that she never understands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon M (jp) wrote: Yeah, it's got some silly, funny moments in it. But let's not beat around the bush; this is yet another movie that was set out from the beginning to be a guilty pleasure piece of trash with juvenile pop-culture humor and cartoony gags. The effort in these kind of films is beyond lazy and we need to stop giving them attention, lest they continue to make more like this.

Luisa M (us) wrote: come diceva Montesquieu "Una salute conservata con una dieta troppo severa come una noiosa malattia".

Stephanie A (jp) wrote: Trailer looks great. Action seems real. Big Eric Roberts fan. Can't wait!

Darcy M (it) wrote: I don't understand the negative critical response to this. From my perspective this seemed really genuine and interesting. I have been involved in the punk scene for most of my life. I've played in bands, booked shows, traveled the country and met a lot of the people who were featured in this film. It really felt like hanging out with these kinds of personalities and maybe that's what turned some people off. It's not your average Hollywood movie that amps everything up and creates larger than life characters and scenarios. They just seemed to take it as it was and put it on the screen. I loved it!!

Marc L (us) wrote: "Mon pire cauchemar" est l'exemple mme de la comdie populaire qui roule toute seule. Prenez deux personnages que tout oppose - la grande bourgeoise frigide et pisse-vinaigre et le proltaire soiffard et fort-en-gueule - et, par une succession de quiproquos plus ou moins efficaces, efforcez vous de les amener tous deux dans le mme lit. L o rside l'astuce, c'est quand vous prenez, pour incarner ces deux archtypes, deux acteurs qui renvoient au public une image identique celle de leurs avatars: Isabelle Hupert et Benoit Poelvoorde. On peut lgitimement supposer que loin d'offrir une performance de composition, les deux acteurs se sont simplement laiss aller leur naturel. Sans surprises, c'est de cette opposition des contraires et du naturel avec lequel ils s'expriment que naissent les situations les plus drles, auxquelles il faut adjoindre la prsence de deux sympathiques faire-valoirs (Andr Dussolier, dmon de midi au garde--vous mais trop vieux pour ces conneries; et Virginie Efira tendance youkou new-age). "Mon pire cauchemar" est une comdie sans audace et sans prise de risques mais qui fonctionne diablement bien !

Fiona C (us) wrote: Average script therefore average.

Brent M (it) wrote: Kinda painful to watch at times. Puppy love gone awry. Tragic movie where you wonder how people can be so pathetic.

Zack B (es) wrote: Hilarious, biting, and absolutely, restlessly anarchistic, this is a film with plenty of faults but which finds its niche in the form of Matthew Lillard's irrepressible performance.

Dustin N (it) wrote: Poor casting, poor acting, offensively corny, completely negligent of realistic social interactions, eye rolling amounts of coincidences.

Lysann B (gb) wrote: One good example for the sellout of Marilyn Monroe.

Brian B (mx) wrote: This movie is the movie is awesome.

Phillip D (gb) wrote: Elektra still falls, just barely, under my umbrella of guilty pleasure watches, despite an awful script and a poorly suited Garner, who looks as out of place as a cat in water. That being said, the movie has a bit of visual flair and these are characters I enjoy in the comic world. Until we receive a better adaptation, this will have to do. It's certainly better than the Daredevil movie.