Tree Top Concert Singers

Tree Top Concert Singers


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  • Release:1920
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  • Category:Short
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  • Country:USA
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Tree Top Concert Singers torrent reviews

James Dalton K (fr) wrote: I had high hopes for this movie. One of my favorite actors and one of my favorite wrestlers teaming up! It definitely lived up to my expectations! Very fun and hilarious movie with good acting all around, including great chemistry between the leads. I'll be looking forward to seeing Adam Copeland (aka Edge) in some more movie roles!

John F (us) wrote: interesting concept , good action, weak ending

faroq w (gb) wrote: Bolly wood remake //but remake of a master piece into master piece!! Jhon's best till date performance//songs are the best ones/they touched my life

Steve S (ag) wrote: I am undecided about this and need to give it another viewing. Green River is about two girls who attract a lot of attention from weird locals when they travel into some mountains, presumably in western South Dakota. This would have to be either the Black Hills, which it doesn't look like, or further west in the foothills of the rockies in Wyoming or Montana, which it does look like. Anyway, this bit of geographic inaccuracy aside, the area is presented as being like West Virginia in Wrong Turn.The rural area is revealed to have a high incidence of missing women and it is hinted at that satanism may be to blame. They had my attention at this point. Before the girls even get to their family's long unused mountain cabin, they are followed by some creepy questionable weirdo, and odd things start to go wrong, such as their car battery being dead, etc. etc. Eventually the girls square off with the shadowy character and one of the pair wants to torment and kill him. This is where the story becomes confusing. The crazier girl of the two can't just kill the guy and be done with it, and the other won't stop her, but won't take decisive action to end the ordeal. It is hinted at that the guy might be some sort of cop, but he has ample opportunity to explain himself and never does. The plot became rather far-fetched at this point and the filmmakers lost my attention. I let the movie run in the background while I did some computer maintenance. I started watching again at the end, in which it appears that movie actually had something supernatural to say, but the conclusion was a bit ambiguous and murky, thus the need to re watch it. I think that the writer had a good idea here, but wasn't sure how to present it, or the director tampered with the script. When I get the opportunity I will rent this one again and give it another chance as it looked like it might be better than I was giving it credit for.

Adrian S (ca) wrote: Can't wait to watch it now that I've got my hands on the DVD all the way from Budapest!

Vicki S (br) wrote: Didn't really hold my interest...

Bill M (fr) wrote: The slight script is well served by the sound, street scenes and 70sness of it all.

Rachel T (ru) wrote: I love this movie. Have seen it many times since the first time in the late 70's. There's talk of a 'remake' by Howard and Grazier. Frankly, I'd prefer to continue the story with the other books about Colossus by D.F. Jones, author of the first one. Eric Braedon is still alive, he could continue as Charles Forbin.

Naomi G (au) wrote: One of the greatest movies of the '80's, possibly of all time. No one seems to know what this movie is about. When it was first released, many critics thought it glorified violence, was about the Vietnam war, and accused the people who championed it of being violence mongers. Whether it was intentional or not, Rambo is a movie in the same vein as Death Wish. It's about the inequality in american society stemming from economic status, that the american revolution failed to overcome. Rambo's will to live, often through violent means,is a metaphor for the struggle encountered by many poor people in today's america.Golan and globus would later, as if upon request from critics and fans alike, emphasize the vietnam aspects of the film in the later sequels,yet Rambo is reluctant to repeat the heroics that he is proud to have accomplished in an unnarrated past.