Treed Murray

Treed Murray

An advertising executive, trapped in a tree by a gang of would-be muggers, manipulates them into fighting to save his life.

An advertising executive, trapped in a tree by a gang of would-be muggers, manipulates them into fighting to save his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chee T (kr) wrote: It is a great, well crafted and extremely well written story from Ed Burns. I love it when an independent film comes along with out most of the traps novice filmmakers fall into. The characters are real the acting is wonderful and it deals with an honest issues, personalities and drama that every family faces during the holidays.. I loved it!

Dave R (de) wrote: Well It was a silly movie had It's funny Moments it was so messed up though but that's what made this one not so bad

Cate D (kr) wrote: I think the two leads will have great careers because of this film! Excited to see what they and the writer/director does next! Also - dope music! Menomena in the opening of the film - that alone gave me my money's worth!

Vinay N (nl) wrote: This is my favourite movie of all time i never knew the meaning of cult before Thank u ANURAG KASHYAP

Stephen S (kr) wrote: I don't even know where to start with this movie, so all I'm going to say is that this is just so incredibly stupid. Do not watch this.

Andrew R (it) wrote: What a fucking surprise this was. I take it all back, Mr. LeBeouf. Well, maybe not all, but you done good kid. This was a treat to see Shia more vulnerable, and not all mega-star bullshit because the guy can act. At times whimsical, viscerally violent, and out-of-nowhere bizarre I actually gave a shit (which is a rarity these days) about what was going to happen to poor Charlie Countryman as he ends up in Bucharest (not Budapest) and is treated to all manner of good and terrible things in this Romanian crucible. Love. Death. Music. Violence. Sex and drugs. You know, that old chestnut.

Lacey S (ru) wrote: Randy Spelling did a great job in this movie..

Lisa Marie A (au) wrote: Not the best but still kinda cute. Bought the disc for a quarter at the library, made it even better :)

Alex H (gb) wrote: su belleza no es evidente. La escena final, en blanco y negro, provoca fuerte sentimiento de perdida.

Dan S (br) wrote: Bad ass movie. Weird Miike Stuff, after seeing One missed call, this was a relife, as classic Miike. Gory, disturbing, weird...shit this movie was bad ass. the only problem (which is a problem with most of Miike's films) is the pacing...could have been 30 minutes shorter. but hey, worth it for the ride!

Bill C (gb) wrote: The man who is to make the introduction is Monsieur de Blayac layes on his deathbed and in walks Monsieur de Montalieri who exemplifies the unchristian nature of the clergy in the French court. He reminds Blayac of an insult from many decades before and in bizarre fashion whips it out and starts peeing on him. The director zooms in for a p***is extreme close-up for some reason, and really that will be my most disturbing memorable moment of the movie. Gregoire attempts learn how to play the part of a successful Courtier, while convincing himself that it is just an act. His instructor is Marquis de Bellegarde who is an experienced courtier but lacking in the intellect to really make it. He sees in Gregoire the quick wit that he wished he had. Gregoire falls for Bellegardes daughter who is as equally as super aultruistic, but is arranged to a much elderly count who arranges to marry her for 2,000 frac allowance an Bimonthly bed visitations. Next time I?ll just dig up an old copy of Dangerous Liaisons, Glen Close at the top of her acting game.

Jorge B (kr) wrote: Incredible and not very known film.

David C (br) wrote: Nothing great but not all bad

Landon M (ag) wrote: I absolutely love this movie when I was a younger kid, I think your children will like this film.

Sean G (it) wrote: I haven't even seen the original "White Lighting" and I don't think I'll bother now. There were no redeeming qualities in this film. A few great boat jumping stunts, using visible stunt doubles, was not enough.

Amanda A (us) wrote: I love the old horrors.... Peter cushing and christopher lee were the gods of horror back then and i think they always will be..

visitorQ S (nl) wrote: Wirklich gelungener Film mit einem guten Anthony Perkins und einer grandiosen Tuesday Weld als Sue Ann. Ihr Charakter ist so cool und sie spielt ihn so gut, dass sie den Film beinahe alleine trgt. 3,5/5 (ohne Tuesday Weld htte er 3/5 bekommen)

Jocey D (nl) wrote: It's a tragic and sad story, heard so many times before. The girl had a skill and she was exploited for it. It happens every day. The only difference is Linda Lovelace became famous for it. There's nothing pornographic or impressive about this movie, in spite of its marquee cast.

Dan M (it) wrote: Studio Ghibli charm in full effect.