A teenage boy discovers the perpetrators of several brutal kidnappings in his home town.

A teenage boy discovers the perpetrators of several brutal kidnappings in his home town, but can he survive a night and get them back to the town without being caught? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joanof A (ru) wrote: didn't impress me a bit. slow and boring.

Ben C (ag) wrote: A very reserved but intriguing Italian drama on bereavement.

Tsukasa A (mx) wrote: It's not bad but never exceed the first 'Wild Things'.

Cade H (ca) wrote: The Lords of Dogtown was a great movie not only because of the fantastic true story told, but also because of the great acting by its top billed stars. Heath Ledger, Emile Hirsch and company were outstanding and really brought a lot of emotion and excitement that was needed for the parts. If you don't know the story already, this is a great way to learn about how skateboarding really took off and became the sport it is today. The plot is pretty straight forward and stays fairly true to the real story. There are some ups and down like any movie but overall this iconic skateboarding film sticks out from the rest and really tells a good story that shouldn't be missed.

Josh H (fr) wrote: It takes a while to get going, and it takes a while to get there, but it's worth the ride. Overall, it's worth checking out and Renee Zellweger's character makes a relatively typical love story and makes it a little more interesting and, at times, entertaining.

Merrie G (ag) wrote: The voyeur/humanist part of me adores this movie and series. The intensely private part of me cringes at my enjoyment. It's what I go through each time I watch a documentary that isn't dealing with war crimes or a person's cause. A group of people agreed to be documented by filmmaker Apted every 7 yrs, but the somewhat questionable part is these people were - yep - 7 years old at the time. Could you imagine your foibles, failures, hell, even haircuts being broadcast when you are 14, or (sweet lord) 21 for an international audience? I am glad I was never asked. And yet, you can understand the appeal, being a part of a bigger whole, a beautifully shot (if somewhat subjective) record of your life at that moment in time, a chance to connect with others with whom you shared monkey bars. "Give me the child until 7 and I will show you a man" - the adage inspiring the series - doesn't always hold true. These people morph and evolve, go through heartbreak and triumph before your eyes, clips from previous movies showing their personal history in bite-sized chunks. But the part that stuck with me, besides one particular subject's roller-coaster life, was the meta-theatrical way the subjects speak of the documentary they are filming. It's interesting the pressure they speak of each time an age divisible by seven approaches. I can only imagine.

Courtney K (ru) wrote: who knew you could get so teary eyed over a bird?

Randy T (kr) wrote: Understated comedy about inept criminals featuring lesser-known actors. (Not nearly as bad as it sounds.)

Camilla G (kr) wrote: something familiar...

Sharon J (it) wrote: Fabulous! One of those movies that gets under your skin while not being afraid to challenge thoughts and feelings about life, love and death - loved the fact that it featured some of my favourite C S Lewis quotes (and Anthony Hopkins gave a stella performance! As a Christian myself I was deeply touched by this movie and found my faith strengthened - better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? A question we all have to answer for ourselves as did C S Lewis- Nothing not to like - highly recommended :)

Alaine B (ru) wrote: Reporter Sally Field gets used for other people's self-interests. Paul Newman gets smeared in a paper and gets even. Good to watch if you're having an I-feel-like-a-victim day.

John G (ca) wrote: a perfectly funny, beautiful, poetic work. -- definitely recommend. JG

Alex O (jp) wrote: some of the most stunning acting and direction I've ever seen