Trekkies 2

Trekkies 2

sequel to the 1997 documentary film Trekkies.

Denise Crosby takes a second look at Star Trek fandom with a more international focus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trekkies 2 torrent reviews

Zahid C (de) wrote: Day: ThursdayDate: 6 Sept 2012Time: 11.00 pmWith: No OneOn: Laptop

Gianluca F (kr) wrote: si, fatto bene, tiene sveglio. Non si lavora per niente sul personaggio, sempre se mai fosse interessante. Non merita nessuna polemica.

Doctor S (br) wrote: Ironic title for a film that wants to push boundaries but refuses to go all the way. A love triangle setup with two guys and a girl is seldom seen, but each time these characters generate some interest, it soon dissolves thereafter. That's probably due to the lack of chemistry between the actors. The one scene with real meat is chewed up by Alan Cumming during his brief appearance.

Jake J (jp) wrote: One of the best political drama about blacklist films anyone can learn about for years.

Chris V (gb) wrote: good acting, but you feel cheated by the end because the payoff is just not that intelligent. It's more of a "here's a technicality you didn't know of that will change everything!" situation than an actual twist.

Linda P (ru) wrote: Saw this because I liked "Cruel Intentions", but this was nowhere near as good. Still worth the watch, though.

Eliabeth M (gb) wrote: Lelaina Pierce: I was really going to be somebody by the time I was 23.Troy Dyer: Honey, all you have to be by the time you're 23 is yourself.Lelaina Pierce: I don't know who that is anymore.Troy Dyer: I do. And we all love her. I love her. She breaks my heart again and again, but I love her.Reality Bites es un clsico de los 90s. Es considerada para muchos la pelcula que representa a una generacin entera. Con estas credenciales estaba entusiasmada de verla, pero no slo me decepcion, sino que el final en particular me hizo casi descartar las cosas buenas que tiene esta pelcula. Me pareci interesante porque hace un par de aos, cuando mi visin del amor era ms idealista, hubiese considerado la relacin entre Lelaina y Troy romntica.Pero entre las cosas que si me gustaron. Me gust lo crebles de los personajes, sobretodo las expectativas y luego decepciones que tienes a los 20. Definitivamente me pude ver reflejada en varias cualidades y situaciones por las cuales tienen que pasar, sobretodo el hecho de que la sociedad espera que tengas tu vida en orden una vez que te gradas, y sigas una lnea exitosa que consiste en conseguir un trabajo, tener una relacin, casarte y etc etc.. y la verdad que a esa edad casi nadie sabe que quiere o quien es. Vickie (Janeane Garofalo) es el personaje ms real y racional de el elenco y me encant su actuacin. Winona Ryder es elctrica, y es nostlgico verla en este rol, porque no va a haber actriz como ella. Apareca en la pantalla y es imposible quitarle los ojos de encima.

Oscar D (ag) wrote: Charles Bronson cleans up the streets of undesirables in this Death Wish sequel

Ryan G (fr) wrote: Fun time for any stay at home dad.

Kelly B (au) wrote: Most bizarre Almodovar film I have seen...and that's not a compliment

Jake S (jp) wrote: another bland Chevy flick comparable to oh heavenly dog and foul play.. bland and a far fetched plot not too bad but needs some spice n thats coming from someone who likes Chevy chase

Janice P (fr) wrote: Remarkably underrated chiller with shades of Carnival of Souls and Let's Scare Jessica To Death. Anita Skinner plays Denise, the recent survivor of a terrible plane crash who's starting to believe that death isn't finished with her. One can see elements of this in the Final Destination series, but Sole Survivor's trying to play a different, slightly more mature game, all the while giving us a very interesting take in the zombie subgenre. Skinner, who looks a good deal like Chloe Sevingy, happens to be a great heroine and the mood and atmosphere are so thick, you could cut them with a knife. Just wait until the horrifyingly downbeat and haunting ending. This one's a real lost classic.

Ruthy G (ag) wrote: It was a cute movie good songs and was funny

Amanda J (au) wrote: Wasn't my favorite of Astaire's movies, but wasn't bad. I think the pairing of these two tappers was great.

william b (ca) wrote: My favorite Cagney movie because George Raft is in it.

Tavin W (ag) wrote: Better than the first

wedstarfish 8 (br) wrote: My favorite Disney movie

Cesare M (us) wrote: Not bad, could be better.A couple of twists seem to be there just to make things difficult and avoiding explaining everything too soon, and the ending is too gratuitously nihilistic even for a story like this.Good mood though, an tension well sustained.

Joshua L (kr) wrote: it was awesome no better yet it was magical

Kyle M (gb) wrote: The closing of the 2006 sports season in movies comes emotionally affective of the 1970 plane crash aftermath and keeping the spirits going to keep those in memory and move on with their legacy, resulting in successful uplifts and turning this movie into a good one with McConaughey done a good performance as a coach. (B+)(Full review coming soon)