Tretya meshchanskaya

Tretya meshchanskaya

Authorities assign a third occupant to a couple's small apartment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pratik S (ag) wrote: Performance of the trio was as good as last time.Tough the supporting cast,story and other things were below average.But one thing that really rocked was Neha Sharma.She was the highlight of the movie.I enjoyed every moment she was on screen..

Abi C (de) wrote: Out and out Action for Ajith Kumar fans .Lack of screenplay . watchable one

Matt H (us) wrote: Really weird and screwed up!

Richard B (kr) wrote: Not great, but I still find Fred Williamson to be amazing in this movie. Not nearly as cool as this poster may suggest. The 2nd Black Cobra movie far better. But hey, I still found this movie to be fun.

Suette D (mx) wrote: Not quite a sequel...more like a RHPS

Isaac B (es) wrote: Loved it great plot and lots of killing.

Jacob G (fr) wrote: A peculiar little film that does things with cinema and film that I've never seen done before. Not that I've seen all movies, or anything, but I'll still consider this a unique excursion; a little coming-of-age fantasy that blows by like the puffs of a dandelion.It works as both character sketch--albeit an extremely absurd character sketch--and as a form of social commentary.

michael b (gb) wrote: Love the special effects and look

Stephen H (ag) wrote: The best movie ever made!

Allan C (nl) wrote: This is the type of film I loved watching as a kid on Sarurday. Adventure, action and loads of rubber monsters. From the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, Doug McClure and Peter Cushing drill beneath the earth's crust to to discover a kingdom rules by winged, rubber suited monsters. A film clearly aimed at children, taken on that level it's reasonably entertaining.

Corey P (de) wrote: Stopped watching it didn't care about the outcome anymore.

Anna C (fr) wrote: A dark story that was "good" only in the first ten minutes, after that it becomes just too predictable and despite the cast which has undoubted charisma, the film don't catch, directing is weak, and you just think: why?

J M (ru) wrote: Hardbodies - Cinematic MasterpieceThis 1984 classic exceeds all expectations - the story never takes itself too seriously and holds up just as well today as the day it was made - this movie has a lot of good laughs and one liners - also, Steve Gold should have won an Academy Award for his portrayal of "Farnsey", a scene stealing, robe wearing, toupee loving womanizer who is introduced during the film's final act