Tri karte za Holivud

Tri karte za Holivud

The story of three boys who, fascinated with seventh art magic, decide to escape from their remote village straight to Hollywood. In the same time, a local policeman frantically organizes a...

The story of three boys who, fascinated with seventh art magic, decide to escape from their remote village straight to Hollywood. In the same time, a local policeman frantically organizes a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lovro H (fr) wrote: Collateral Beauty is directed by David Frankel and stars Will Smith, Michael Pena, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet. Damn, that's a lot of great actors. Too bad the movie isn't as great. The movie follows three employees of a company that is, I guess, in ruins. It was very hard to follow that part of the movie, so I'm not exactly sure what was happening to this company. Anyways, these three people, Whit, Simon & Claire, are trying to save the company by mentally abusing their boss who lost his daughter and is now in a state of great depression. When the story's laid out like that, it seems very sadistic. That's because most of the time, it really is. Howard, the boss, wrote letters to Time, Death and Love as a therapy, he thought it would make him feel better. Now, these three employees got an idea! What if they hired three actors to play the roles of Time, Death and Love in order to make Howard believe his letters actually got to them and in order to save their company from failing? Long story short, it worked. While I did like the idea of Howard getting visited by Time, Death and Love, this was too much. This movie had a huge hate thrown its way after it hit the cinemas because the trailer makes it seem as the ACTUAL Death, Time and Love are visiting Howard, but it's only actors. I never did watch the trailer so this didn't bother me, but I actually preferred it this way. Yes, it was very sadistic and mean, but it's less cheesy. The thing that disappointed me the most is that, in the end, you get a revelation that these actors could, in fact, really be the real Death, Time and Love, which just made me facepalm. If you market your movie as this one thing and release to be a completely different thing, that's alright, movies have done that, mostly for better, but don't trick the viewers AGAIN by basically going "Oh, fooled you! Now you'll never know what we were thinking!" It's very cheap. The acting's pretty good all around, though. I really liked Will Smith's performance in this movie, thought he was the best of the bunch. The characters, on the other hand, are not very convincing. Literally every character is struggling with a huge problem in their life and the movie wants you to care for each and every one of them, the problem is that none of them are very likeable or well developed. The three employees who mentally torture Howard are, at first, very unlikeable. They seem to care only about money and getting Howard to sell the company. Then their motivation shifts to actually helping him deal with his tragedy, but then it's again about the money. Howard, I feel really bad for. Even though this abuse helped him in the end, I couldn't help but feel bad because of how abusive the whole thing was. Also, I just remembered, there's one sequence where Howard is being filmed by a private investigator when he's talking to Death, Time and Love. The three employees hired the investigator to film him so they have proof that he's insane and, since it's not really Death, Love and Time, they had to manipulate the footage and remove the actors from it. I have no idea how they did that. I have no idea how they got the knowledge to do that, but the way the footage looked like after being edited was way too professional to be done by them. Very unbelievable. The soundtrack is nice, although way too sappy. The direction is fair. There's no interesting shots or anything, it's very generic. So why does this movie get two and a half stars? It has a great message, even though it's delivered the way it is. It's got a fantastic twist near the end, I don't mean the "Death, Love and Time might be real" twist, I mean the one that comes before it. That one actually gave me goosebumps. It was really well orchestrated. Easily the best thing about it. Will Smith's performance is great. It's funny at moments, though I don't think intentionally, but it's still funny. So, yes. It's an average tearjerker that will definitely make some people cry and is, generally, a feel-good movie that could cheer you up.

007 W (kr) wrote: The amazing Spider-Man 2 is the worst Spider-Man movie and one of the worst movies I've ever seen, it is a mess and exactly like rolling around in the piss, blood and vomit of an Ebola patient, if you like it...... fine but it's a piece of shit and that's a fact

Albaab R (au) wrote: NO IDEA why it's rated so high...typical teen romance, with a bit of raunch and teen angst thrown, light, but certainly nothing memorable

Jenn T (au) wrote: Feel like the idea was good but the narration by the various members were just horrible and I wasn't interested after about ten minutes.

Hannah S (au) wrote: Great movie! I love it so so sooooooo much!

Kaneda (gb) wrote: [b]The Transporter[/b] - I like a bit of unbelievablity with my action movies, its what makes them FUN. I want to believe Riggs and Murtah can ramp a car through a building, drive through office desks, and ramp out the other side. I want to believe that young Indiana Jones can drop off the bottom of a moving train and not get hurt. This film is full of those items. It pushes the line of cheese, but doesn't cross over it fully, and I dig it. Good fight scenes too. [b]The Transporter 2[/b] - What the hell happened? I like cheese with my action, but come ON. This is rediculous. And repeated fight scene actions? Blech. Okay, he's slippery, we get it. What a let down. [b]Shooting Gallery[/b] - Surprisingly not too bad. I was into the movie, even if it focused to much on pool hall slang, and not enough on plot. At any rate, an interesting film. I'll probably pick it up when it hits the five dollar bin. 6.5/10 [b]Into The Blue[/b] - I imagine the pitch for this movie when something like this: Writer: "Okay, here's the story. We got Jessica Alba and Paul Walker, and they both are divers in the Bahamas. One day they're out diving with some friends when..." Studio: "Wait. Alba and Walker and they're both divers? You mean we'll have Walker with his shirt off and Alba in a bikini the whole movie?" Writer: "..." Studio: "..." Writer: "Yes." Studio: "I'll take it." Writer: "So anyways, one day they're diving and..." Studio: "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. I don't need to hear the details. Deal!" [b]2046[/b] - Well this was quite a disappointment. Half of it was brilliantly directed, and the camera work is incredible. The story is good, if even a tad confusing. But every now and then, he throws in the art-film-school-student trash, and it totally removes any emotion I had for the scene! Why would he do that?! Man, it pissed me off so bad. I need to watch it again, but for now, I'm torn between brilliantly directed film, and film-school-student-masterbatory-celluloid-waster. Score subject to change...

Tom R (de) wrote: A story of determination. Nice movie.

Eoin H (us) wrote: Mullan is terrific in the title role. Another Ken Loach gem.

Shawn W (us) wrote: Drug enforcement agents stumble upon stashed Civil War gold between showers and hot tub dips. This Andy Sidaris offering offers a stripped down number of Playmates and explosions but is just as good as his other films.

Adam W (us) wrote: This is just plain awful, a film that doesnt know what it wants to be.Slater really hams it up as irresponsible, wacky brother who comes good by the end.Shite!

Brandon W (kr) wrote: Good Morning Vietnam is directed by Barry Levinson, and it stars the late Robin Williams in a comedy-drama about a radio DJ who went to Vietnam to do his job, and when he does, people love him, except for his superiors who don't like him at all. I kept that movie on DirecTV for a few years, and since I need to delete the films that I have on my list, I figured that it be best to watch this and delete it, which is fine consider that Good Morning Vietnam is a terrific film. Robin Williams is hilarious in this and is definitely the best part of the film. There are also some funny moments that are not from Robin Williams himself, and the story is very interesting. The chemistry between Robin Williams and Chintara Sukapatana is kind of sweet, and the characters here are really good and developed. Even the drama moments are really well done and it does show some of the darker aspects of the film that's related to the Vietnam War. There are some problems, like one of the characters being a complete jerk to Robin Williams's character that makes me feel like he's a stereotypical bully character, but they are a bit minor as Good Morning Vietnam is a hilarious film that shows what Robin Williams can do as both a comedian and as an actor.

Dennis G (it) wrote: So horrible, it's awesome. But also a little boring at times.

Jenn T (mx) wrote: The only thing that saved this flick was the more intimate relationships. So stupid it wasn't even funny.

Tracy F (ru) wrote: Never saw this when it came out. Started out strong but had it figured out within the first thirty minutes.

Sam U (jp) wrote: A VERY funny movie. Made us laugh through most of it. MUST see comedy!

Paul D (mx) wrote: It doesn't have enough clout to be a feature film, but is certainly a decent extension of Harry Hill's irreverent comedy seen on television - so fans of his style should like this, other won't.

Steven A (ca) wrote: Now this was a funny a$% movie, well I thought it was.