Tri vejce do skla

Tri vejce do skla


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Tri vejce do skla torrent reviews

Gregory W (br) wrote: another great B movie

Karsh D (us) wrote: A 40 year old man finds a loophole in the rules and enters spelling bees .

Janette R (ag) wrote: Predicable but funny. And not much of an ending.

Kevin G (gb) wrote: One of my new all time favorites. Watched it tonight and cried at the end, if you dont cry because of this movie then youve checked out of the human race.

Areeba I (de) wrote: it's really interesting for kids i liked it heaps all about the pet dog named shiloh

Chris W (es) wrote: The rating doesn't do the movie justice. Poor plot, but pure 80s techno-enjoyability. Mix of 80s P.I., Bladerunner, and mystery.

Rahul K (br) wrote: Amazing strory. Tight Script. soothing music. All makes you to fall in love. but unlike the usual romcoms, it has the so desperately wanted twist