Triad Underworld

Triad Underworld

When Triad leader Hung's wife gives birth to a baby boy, Hung considers leaving the world of the gangsters. Despite the fact that he is not sure of his decision, word gets out fast and now,...

When Triad leader Hung's wife gives birth to a baby boy, Hung considers leaving the world of the gangsters. Despite the fact that he is not sure of his decision, word gets out fast and now,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (us) wrote: S I C K!! But love it. It's got no boundaries and you want a movie that makes you say "That's so wrong", this is it. Choice tunes (FGTH "The Power of Love", End score of Tainted love)..... gotta watch the end.

Karen D (br) wrote: Heartbreaking. Really.

Adrian L (it) wrote: A modern tale of gangland dealings in Macau. The story is beautifully set up throughout for the set piece at the end. A twist on a western which plays to all the right senses, this is a must see, where pace, characters, setting, action are all included alongside a wonderfully atmospheric score.

Stefan L (ca) wrote: started off okay, laid back style, interesting characters, complex relationships but even with some plot curve balls (which on reflection just seem stupid) the longer it went on the more tedious and contrived it got. he acted crazy because his father didnt love him? FUCK OFF AND STOP WASTING MY TIME!!

Dalton B (ca) wrote: The film has an impressive cast but is weighed down by so many plot holes it's hard for them to overcome the script.

Jon F (it) wrote: billy bob wrote and directed this magnificent and hilarious little film about family. one of his best films ever by far as well as the all star cast including jamie lee curtis, ben afflleck, john prine, jim varney, kelly preston and a remotely funny little cameo from roy d. mercer and backed by a soundtrack of original music by country superstar marty stuart

Alex r (au) wrote: Wishmaster is an interesting idea for a horror flick. The film presents the viewer with the plot of an evil genie who grants you three wishes, but destroys your life without you enjoying what you desire. The actor playing the Djinn, Andrew Divoff is good here, and he makes the film better. The film tends to rely on excessive violence and gore to create the horror. In some way it tries to elevate the film a bit. However, it doesn't really work at times. This is still entertaining for what it is, but the script does show its limitations, and you know that it could have been much better. With this film they just stuck with a traditional formula for horror violence, instead of exploring further the concept of an evil genie. I think the film at times lacked focus, and it brought it down a notch. If you're looking for a good film, then this is it. However don't expect anything remarkable. With its interesting idea, I was surprised how under developed the film was. I felt that it was a good flick, but it lacked something to really make it stand out, and be of real interest for horror fans. Expect something good with this one, and you may not be disappointed. Despite its interesting idea, Wishmaster ends up just being another gore induced horror flick. Though entertaining, this could have been a far better film too. For what it is, this is a mindless horror film worth watching because of its interesting ideas. However, you are left wanting more out of this film as well. Aside from lots of gore, which may appeal to the gore hounds out there, this film doesn't offer anything really remarkable in terms of genuine chills and terror.

HungYa L (jp) wrote: I honestly think this movie has a good start but then it sort of goes downhill. I like the concept of it all but somehow something else is still missing.

Doctor S (nl) wrote: Very disappointing and that it spends the first 20 minutes in anchor steam marital drama, and then relies too heavily on ambient offscreen noise For its scares. There is very little actual violence or action, which is fine, but you need more than the sound of footsteps and clanging metal to jangle my nerves.

ramis v (ca) wrote: we are talking about ninja here so for sure it is good and very violent.