During his 50th birthday party thrown by his wife, Remco's life takes a turn for the worse. His business partners are scheming behind his back to sell him and his former mistress shows up pregnant.

During his 50th birthday party thrown by his wife, a real estate tycoon and womanizer's life takes a turn for the worse. His business partners are scheming behind his back to sell him and his former mistress shows up pregnant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erik V (ru) wrote: Think for yourself, get the evidence. Dont just buy into what people tell you. I used to think fracking was real bad. Now I see how easily people are manipulated into hysteria.

Jacob F (mx) wrote: One day these will go away

Andrew S (nl) wrote: I was expecting this film to be so much more than what it was. It was an averagely indie film about twenty somethings and their relationship issues. I felt like the two leads really lacked good chemistry and never worked as a couple onscreen. We never saw them in their relationship at there best just the awkward and hilarious decent into breaking it off. I really wanted to like the film but it was definitely missing a key elements. I think a better story maybe I'm not sure what. But the overbearing parents are the scene stealers.

Michael D (jp) wrote: not a great film but quite a good show with an incredible cast

Tristan P (ca) wrote: An edgy, almost gritty look at the real-life evils of drugs.

peter k (es) wrote: no info how am i supposed to rate it

Hunter H (au) wrote: I REALLY liked this movie A LOT. I get what it was going for: paying tribute to classic B-movies, while making fun of them at the same time. This is to B-movies what The Cabin in the Woods was for horror movies: it pokes fun at all the cliches of those respective genres, and doesn't take itself too seriously while doing it; you can tell they were having fun doing it, and it SHOWS! Also, I find it kind of ironic that a certain actress in this, a movie about spiders, went on to play a character named AFTER one.

playgirl p (ag) wrote: it was ok funny with the finger tho lol

Barbara B (br) wrote: Classic movie. A must see for any Kerouac fan! Thomas Jane gives a fantastic performance.

Stuart P (jp) wrote: Keitel bares all, body and soul, in this uncompromising picture. It's a tough watch, plotless and meandering, but Keitel brings it a depth and energy that makes it worth watching.

Jose M (de) wrote: This is a very horrible and exploitive film that is quite alluring in its own right. The Head with Two Things has an awesomely moronic idea. Hey, let's get this killer black man to have a racist white man's head. Wow, what a great idea? The actions leading up are just unbelievable. Still, I must sum up this film one way. If the opera was for high class, monster trucks crushing small car are for the putrid low brow class with such words of oh yeah?? and hey you! Come here a minute!? You get the clue and since this is a film I must simplify it, yet again. If the romantic and sophisticated international film with a Cannes approved? sticker is for upper class, The Head with Two Things is for lower half sleeping in its own scummy, trashy, puked-heck hole. Thank you, this has been a moment cinematic snobbery.

Jack O (us) wrote: Lady and the Tramp is the first classic which is starring dogs. It also has nostalgia where man's best friend's are dogs. This is the first film that has widescreen, it's called Cinescope and cinescope has films in cinema's screen that does not move the camera where there's two black lines top to bottom. The scene where the tramp shouts at the beaver by saying ''I SAID A LOG PULLER!'' that made me laugh and the siamese song sang by the siamese cats. There's nothing thrilling about Lady and the Tramp, it's just about dogs who fell in love and all it has is bits of funny moments. The rat scene is vicious and climax and rescuing the tramp is really is something. Yeah, like I said there's nothing more thrilling about it.

Arthur B (jp) wrote: I read a review online of this Danny Kaye film by somebody in Australia who praises Vidor for not sparing audiences the surprisingly dark ending to this otherwise cheery story of an eccentric village storyteller. I agree with that; there's a lot of texture to Kaye's performance, and the songs by Frank Loesser are charming. Wonderful, wonderful, Copenhagen, salty old maid of the sea. And, hey, how can you go wrong with ZiZi Jeanmarie?

Evan M (ca) wrote: It's easy to ridicule this film, but it's easy to love this film if it was part of your youth. A highly entertaining & fun Fantasy film with good characters and a simplistic storyline. The effects are decent and the sets area beautiful. And for those who enjoy a kick ass weapon, I have two words: The Glave.

Atheer O (ca) wrote: Hallstrom makes really good movies but he always stumbles upon the romantic side of the story. Same as with "The Hundred Foot Journey".

Frank A (it) wrote: I thought this movie was really interesting