Tricks of Love

Tricks of Love

When a desperate fashion photographer bets his rival he can turn an ordinary girl into a super-model, he has no idea of the consequences -- especially when he falls for her.

When a desperate fashion photographer bets his rival he can turn an ordinary girl into a super-model, he has no idea of the consequences -- especially when he falls for her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad W (gb) wrote: This is one of those facinating train wrecks where you wonder how it got the cast and got made. Larry Bishop is Joey Bishop's kid, so I guess he's connected. What does he decide to do with that? Make a kinda/sorta update/tribute to rat pack films. (Not my choice, but I find this more interesting than the Ocean's series.) There's a convoluted story about a gangster boss coming back from a stay at the looney bin and the hitman that's been running the operation in his absence. (??!!) It's got some OK performances from Diane Lane, Ellen Barkin and Richard Dreyfuss. Then there's some way out there stuff from Kyle MacLachlan and Gabriel Byrne. Somewhere in the middle is Jeff Goldblum looking like he might nod out from ludes at any minute, but trying to stay awake long enough to say his lines. It's all put together so bizarrely that you can't look away. You can't believe the names associated with this and you spend as much time wondering how much they got paid and who ponied up the money? Your brain is more keen to know the behind the scenes story than the one being presented. Still, I'm curious enough to still want to see his next effort currently available: Hell Riders.

Juli N (jp) wrote: I had to put on my hip waders to wade thru this crappy, convoluted, mess of a film!

k n (br) wrote: cant say i was really taken with it. bland storyline, fairly bad acting.

Zach S (gb) wrote: Dare I say the best fairy tale since Princess Bride.

Mr D (ag) wrote: Van Damme goes "Bodyguard" but instead of whitney Houston we have a black ex boxer. A bit slow.....The only enjoyable part was when a black guy cut someones liver out and fed it to the dogs.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Wouldnt mind seeing.

Angie M (kr) wrote: Phoolan Devi is a household name in India. She is somewhat of an enigma -- a dacoit gang leader, female at that. The movie is a semi-biographical journey into the events that culminated to form the woman. There is no doubt that it is a very disturbing movie. Early on, the audience is faced with discomfort at the child marriage of a 11-year old Phoolan and her subsequent rape by her husband. As she matures into a young woman, she has to endure the anguish of being born a low-caste, from the physical and sexual abuse she has t suffer to the injustice meted out by the upper-class thakurs. The movie does not shy from exposing Phoolan at her most vulnerable and painful moments. However, I felt that the movie mainly victimized Phoolan. It did not devote much screentime on how she shaped up to be a feared dacoit. What was even less believable was the way her own gang idolized her, which did not make sense to me. The director should have shown a little of how Phoolan evoked fright/respect among her gang. The scene where she massacres all the thakurs was anticlimactic after all the buildup of that intensity.I thought the performances were across the board excellent. Seema Biswas obviously stands strong with this role of a lifetime. But I found supporting actors like Govind Namdeo and Nirmal Pandey were very good too.The cinematography is something that I loved about the movie. It highlighted the gritty and stark atmosphere of Central India, and went well with the harsh theme of the movie.

Nils R (es) wrote: Russian proto-"Exorcist".

Timothy A (au) wrote: A rare sequel that fixes and improves upon the shortcomings of the original. In giving each of the characters their own story rather than focusing on different reactions to a common experience, it manages to hold interest throughout and gives everyone a chance to shine. Some of the happenings do stretch credibility a tad, but to its credit, the one sub-plot you'll think you have figured out, you'll still be partially wrong about. Far from perfect, but comes closer to the unreserved joy that the original missed out on.

Barney o (us) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Who knew a story about some talking toys could be so great? Well it seems strange to imagine a world without the creative innovation of Pixar now, but when 'Toy Story' graced our screens back in 1995, this film was an extremelly fresh and exciting triumph for pretty much everyone. What makes it is the way it appeals so effortlessly to all ages, as with all Pixar gems, there's room for laughs, excitement, tension and even emotion, no matter your age. This is thanks to a great, clear direction with tone and humour, as well as a roster of characters who feel as real as the voice actors who bring them so brilliantly to life.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Some later ventures from the studio have upped the anti beyond the fantastic and fun.VERDICT: Pixar's first is engaging and exciting, but mostly it's a success because it slaps a huge smile on your face whether you're nine or ninety.