Johnny Mack (Johnny Mack Brown ) is hired by Lois Benton (Virginia Carroll) as a hand on her ranch, formerly run by Daley, who is in jail on a payroll theft charge. Despite the warning for foreman Rusty Steele (Raymond Hatton), Johnny sees real estate agent Kirby (Bill Kennedy), who wants to buy the Benton ranch. When Johnny refuses to align with Kirby, he is forced to knock out henchman Moran (Marshall Reed) in a fist fight. Rusty finds on henchman Harris (Forrest Matthews), when he is caught spying on the ranch, half a map revealing the location of the missing payroll.

Johnny Mack (Johnny Mack Brown ) is hired by Lois Benton (Virginia Carroll)as a hand on her ranch, formerly run by Daley, who is in jail on a payroll theft charge. Despite the warning for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Triggerman torrent reviews

Dee C (br) wrote: Pretty good. Seems low budget and just tad predictable, but still good.

Geoff A (it) wrote: Brilliant film: edge of the seat story and well acted by all. But marked down slightly because it is mostly subtitled.

Geoffroy B (fr) wrote: La sincerite de l'interpretation et la beaute d'images soignees n'eponge pas le raz de mare d'effets de styles imposes par la realisatrice et qui laisse relativement perplexe.

Private U (es) wrote: Lo esperado para una noche de mircoles!!

Tony B (ag) wrote: top 3 favorite gay movies. paul is one of the most handome young men ive ever seen on screen

hate e (mx) wrote: How a movie like this made it to #1 at the box office is beyond me. It was awfully boring and predictable. The only redeeming factor was Erika Christensen, but that's probably due to her great performance in "Traffic." If you decide to not see this movie, don't worry - you aren't missing out on much.

Gabriel C (jp) wrote: Beautiful cinematography, strong characters and a charming performance from Audrey Tautou.

Danny M (ru) wrote: Good comedy! Enjoyed it but nothing amazing though

Tom W (gb) wrote: Juvenile. Very Juvenile.

Al M (de) wrote: Good luck finding this golden age slasher film because it has never been been released on DVD. Still, for slasher fans, I can say that it is a thoroughly entertaining if at times silly entry in the genre that aspires to a kind of metafictional level by having actresses auditioning for a film as the pool of victims. Curtains is nowhere near as intelligent as even the most asinine metafiction (Hello, Wes Craven's Scream!), but it is still a fun little piece of 80s slasher fare that will delight those who love the period and genre and are looking for films they haven't seen.

Robert B (ag) wrote: Terror Trap (Dan Garcia, 2010)It seems The Asylum is not the only company dabbling in the mockbuster business these days. Most Wanted Films, the company behind Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent, bankrolled this horrible knockoff of Vacancy so similar I'm surprised writer/director Dan Garcia didn't get sued. (I suspect there's a cadre of Hollywood lawyers who have it down to a science how many scenes have to be different in order to stop studio A from suing studio B for plagiarism, and this movie is right on the border.) The only thing that marginally redeems this flick is the interplay between Michael Madsen and Jeff Fahey, of which there is far too little here to redeem this in any way. If you've seen Vacancy, which wasn't all that great in the first place, you don't need to bother with this-and if you haven't, that is certainly preferable to this. 1/2

Adrian B (au) wrote: Average comedy about a dysfunctional family who have a reunion one Christmas. Some okay moments but it's hard to recommend watching it