One of two deadly hired kilers switches places with one of a duo of conmen in order to pursue love.

One of two deadly hired kilers switches places with one of a duo of conmen in order to pursue love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fabien H (kr) wrote: I caught this at the london asian film festival... hilarious, surreal bordering on the ridiculous...yes its funny (up to a certain point) a sort of priscilla queen of the dessert meets hairspray in all its hokkien glory. I can cope with the kitsch and the parodying of the musical genre, from madonna's conical bras adapted into durian-shaped bras, Royston knows how to adapt western influences for a local market. If this is the best Singapore can offer thus far, it might have a long way to go to catch up with other emerging film markets like Turkey, Russia, South America and Africa.

Solomon G (br) wrote: I genuinely don't get the bad reviews by the critics. In a time when we are submerged with crap teen horror flicks and even crapper zombie flicks, this is a little beacon of light. "Not original" is the general complaint. Well, please tell me what is original about teen horror and zombie flicks?

MeLinda M (jp) wrote: This movie kinda sucked. but hey it kept me interested for a little bit.

Austin F (it) wrote: 43% With more depressing moments than comedic ones, and a cliched story, despite its talented cast, Joe Dirt is more of a cash grab for David Spade than a successful Forrest Gump wannabe.

Franois M (ru) wrote: Je passe toujours un bon moment, mais cinmatographiquement c'est plutt nul... Il y a aussi ce petit ct homophobique qui agace un brin. Perry fait son Chandler ce qui est toujours trs drle.

Griffin W (de) wrote: Insightful, fun, and emotional. Boogie Nights give the viewer a peak behind the curtain of a taboo business that informs, entertains, and follows diverse and well-written characters that are an absolute blast to watch. Boogie Nights is "PIMP!!!"

Susie B (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies as a kid.

Ben T (gb) wrote: My god this is awful and shit.

mikey s (it) wrote: This psycho was ok...but it's still not worth watching PASS

Brian F (es) wrote: Really bad movie. The only thing it going for it was that I wanted to see who the bad guy was, or whatever was going on. I don't really know because it was pretty cheesy and tedious.

Tom H (mx) wrote: Entertaining 80`s revenge flick with Linda Blair and her huge knockers.

Dane A (ag) wrote: A Fantasy Masterpiece. Schwarzenegger Brings Robert E. Howard's Character To Life And Does It With Flare.

Graham L (ca) wrote: Really stupid and derivative zombie/cannibal flick that is nonetheless entertaining and peppered with unforgettable moments. If you have any interest in Italian exploitation it's essential - there just isn't anything else that represents so perfectly what Italian exploitation is all about. I would recommend a group viewing - tackling this alone could lead to despair.

Praveen P (de) wrote: Worth seeing just for the 'special effects' Oscar that it won in 1950- brilliant! They attempted the storyline (landing on the moon, almost 20years before it actually happened) in a very scientific and realistic way, rather than trying to fictionalise the whole thing. The downer was the slow pace and lack of dialogue- that was mainly cos they were trying to show you the fancy effects, but by today's standards they would need to increase the pace.

Megan S (es) wrote: Okay this is in general a bad movie, flat out bad. falls into the same place as Curse of the Cannibal Confederates when it comes to unintentional humour. The turtle scene gave it that extra one and a half stars.