Trikal (Past, Present, Future)

Trikal (Past, Present, Future)

Set in 1961 Goa, this is a story of a rich and influential Goan family and what happens to them over a period of time. The movie is narrated in past-tense by one of the friends of the ...

Set in 1961 Goa, this is a story of a rich and influential Goan family and what happens to them over a period of time. The movie is narrated in past-tense by one of the friends of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan H (kr) wrote: POWERFULL doc about the merging of an inner city Philadelphia high school with there arch rival. The story behind this film is extremely moving on its own and the fact that it was caught on camera (and brilliantly edited and produced) is amazing. A must watch for football fans and Documentary fans alike.

DeMarkus H (ag) wrote: I didn't fall asleep on this because I am a fan of almost all the actors in this one .

Zahid C (nl) wrote: Day: TuesdayDate: 26 Oct 2010Time: 9.30 pmWith: No oneOn: Laptop

Asif K (kr) wrote: such a boring film with nothing.......really hated it. wasn't expected much from it though. its cute and a time pass movie. not recommended at all. music was nice but the movie was below average.

Martin S (us) wrote: Ambitious photography and pretentious narrative turn out to a story which just don't hold up or leave with any satisfying answer at all. All spaniards look the same, difficult to distinguish the mothers and sons. Never even frightening or thrilling, shameful to be promoted in the same sentence as Del Toro and The Orphanage.

Rebekah L (nl) wrote: A horribly boring and uninteresting film about a person no one really cares about. What a waste of time.

Joseph C (es) wrote: Sometimes I think that Japanese culture, at least in film, has almost no real, or imagined, sense of transgression, since almost everything is visually permitted. Still, that said, this film is as engrossing as _Reservoir Dogs_ or _Goodfellas_. It is interesting the way films like this of near immeasurable violence and cruelty intermix enough spirituality and narrative novelty as to make them endurable. Like the way Scorsese's heterodox Catholicism weaves itself into his crime films. As in much of this kind of crime noir, there is no traditional "good guy," or at least morally neutral, as everyone depicted within _Ichi_ is a soldier for the yakuza, a prostitute, or, Ichi himself, a manipulated sociopath. Kakihara is one of the screen's most diabolical and unique villains. He is essentially a profound masochist, and the ruthless torture he inflicts is made worse in that you can see he identifies with who he is torturing. The entire film centers on his near-spiritual quest for the ultimate sadistic experience --- hence why he seeks out the psychotic Ichi. Without giving away the ending, I will say that I am enjoying Miike's films more and more, and the way the finale dissolves desire and reality at a moment, reminds me very much of David Lynch. The representations of violence are varied from painfully realistic to the smilingly ridiculous. Excellent film on crime and its nihilism: "who's left to kill me?" Kakihara disappointingly adds at the end of the film.

ToyahKate M (es) wrote: Very boring film. Only watched it because I love Rupert Grint..

Matthew J (jp) wrote: Who would've thought that a bland plot and par acting would result in a half-decent movie. I actually watched this one right to the end.

Cal V (jp) wrote: The greatest satire to come out that year that also happens to be a horror movie. A truly brilliant and underrated movie.

Thomas P (kr) wrote: a good grisley man moooovie!!! :)

Anna O (us) wrote: My absolute favorite French movie.

Matt M (jp) wrote: It's no coincidence that the plot of this is somewhat similar to the original Godzilla, it came out the following year after the Raymond Burr Godzilla hit the states. It's different, of course, but still a giant nuclear scare monster flick. If you like classic 50s low budget Sci-Fi, this will satisfy that need. It takes a little too long for the action to kick in, and due to the low budget, don't expect much in the way of special effects. Still, they did the best with what they had and it turned out to be a fun little movie.

Alden S (mx) wrote: 1 out of 10:It might have some decent action scenes but most of them are poorly edited. More flaws in Die Another Day include, terrible Cgi, bad characters, and so many ridiculous moments. This has gotta be worse than Moonraker and A View to Kill.

Ryan T (es) wrote: While Disney tells the same underdog story in McFarland, it comes off far less cliche, largely due to Costner and a much more somber sound editing and lighting. The supporting acting also adds to this family film.

Sam B (es) wrote: Loved every moment of this movie, it shows that even the losers can come back to be victorious