The notorious Khokha Singh entraps dedicated Police Inspector Satyadevi Singh, and has her sentenced in prison for life. Satyadevi leaves behind three young sons, Shakti, Anand, and Romi, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trimurti torrent reviews

Laura C (jp) wrote: This movie really sucked!

Austin G (mx) wrote: It was okay, just not as good as the poster looks.

Jason D (ca) wrote: Wyvern is another chapter in the endless stream of Sy-Fy channel original films, not to mention part of the Maneater series, about a mythological dragon known as the Wyvern that has broken free from its prison within the ice glaciers near Alaska where parts of the area is going through its daylight solstice (i.e. no darkness whatsoever). The dragon takes up residency in a small town and starts eating up people gradually then rapidly until only a small group of people are left, including lead actor Nick Chinlund (glad to see him get a lead role for once; he's a decent actor), the late Don S. Davis (who contributed many roles to the horror/sci-fi genre; I'll miss him), Barry Corbin (another great actor whose been in stuff like Dead & Buried, Critters 2, and No Country For Old Men), and some others. Before the Wyvern eats all of them up and hatches its newborn babies from eggs, this group of survivors must try and stop it. Though it's hit or miss on Sy-Fy Channel films, the Maneater series has gradually (and I use that world ever so delicately) gotten better with each release. Wyvern manages to be a fun and effective monster movie, with better than average CGI, decent actors, decent storyline, and some decent gore effects. The direction from Steven R. Monroe was good as well, especially since his films are right down the middle in terms of hit (It Waits, Left in Darkness) and miss (Sasquatch Mountain, Ogre). I was a bit disappointed to see secondary actress Tinsel Korey displayed on the front cover of the films poster as though she were the lead in the film. This must've been a cheap tactic from the film company since she has a throw away role in the next queer Twilight movie. Other than that, the film was a small surprise and managed to be much more entertaining than I had anticipated. Good film.

Brandon M (nl) wrote: One of my guilty pleasures... Not perfect by any means but still very creepy and entertaining for me.

Federico F (ca) wrote: Fanta-action built into a new racial context on the basis of the alien invasion, creating a new kind of war between aliens vs humans

Marcela G (mx) wrote: De esas pelis que uno encuentra un poco por casualidad. Una historia mnima, belleza mxima. Recomendadsima.

Pavan R (es) wrote: charming family drama...a smoke story which ends well....good acting and directing ....

Hayat K (gb) wrote: a boy who lives in hostel... fall in love

Juuso R (nl) wrote: Selkesti parempi kuin odotin. Perinteist brittilist Monty Python -tyylist huumoria ja hauskanpitoa. Tllaisia elokuvia katsellessa pystyy oikein nkemn, kuinka hauskaa tekijryhmll on ollut tt tehdess.

Nora R (jp) wrote: A classic. Not to be missed if you enjoy the boarding school genre.

Kyle B (mx) wrote: A really captivating character study with superb performances from Gena Rowlands, Fred Rapper, Seymour Cassel, and Lynn Carlin. The writing, directing, and cinematography are equally superb

Conner R (ca) wrote: This gets four stars for the soul purpose that Jeremy Davies is almost scarily uncanny to Charles Manson.

Marko Z (us) wrote: Overrated to say the least.

Malcolm H (fr) wrote: A "family movie" that's not really a family movie in the traditional meaning; this story portrays the crucial role one member can fulfill in a family. A beautiful and realistic depiction of a single individual taking the responsibility of holding it all together, even if it is sort of done with bailing wire. Go Ulee. A fine central metaphor in this film, too.