Trinity and Sartana Are Coming

Trinity and Sartana Are Coming

Sartana and Trinity set out on a grudging relationship hell bent for gold and comic brawls. - East West DVD sleeve

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Nonna V (nl) wrote: sean astin ftw. :---D

Scott S (br) wrote: This movie was all over the place. I was looking forward to it as I am a fan of Charlie David's. It was good to see him cast as a bad guy for a change. Writing was ok and there were parts of the film that were fun but it's definitely a film for an urban gay audience. I will say this - the production value was VERY good for a low budget indy movie. Alas, that did not make up for the deficiencies.

Antonio T (ru) wrote: Me qued dormido cuatro veces, las cont. En "Bajo el Peso de la Ley"; Jarmusch exagera en su clsico ritmo lento pero seguro; pero tiene muchas cosas buenas. La historia, aunque no lleva a ningn lado (clsico de Jarmusch), es interesante, el personaje interpretado por Roberto Benigni es maravilloso, y muy acertado. Resumen: Es una pelcula algo olvidable, un muy buen paso para Jarmusch pero tiene otras muchsimo mejores.

Lenny R (nl) wrote: An almost-flawless flick. This is Arnie's element, and he tears it up. Gerry Lopez's laid-back style complements Arnie's oaky stiffness superbly, and Mako, being an actual wizard, hardly needed to act here. James Earl Jones rocks. Max Von Sydow rocks. Sven Ole Thorsen rocks. My only problem is that, while the character of Valeria is written as feisty and vivacious, a further complement to Conan and Subotai, Sandahl Bergman's portrayal fails to convince us of this. Sure, she's great in the action scenes, but her delivery is pretty flat, and her face virtually expressionless. In fact, one silent stare from Nadiuska (as Conan's mother) conveys more depth of personality than Bergman's whole performance. Good cameo from William Smith as Dad. Milius and Stone have succeeded brilliantly in capturing the spirit of REH's writing. John Milius wears his politics on his sleeve a bit, likening Thulsa's mindless followers to hippies...who need an educated, realist warrior to rescue them from their 'delusion'. While I don't particularly agree with this assessment in the real world, the movie version actually works fine. The cinematography, design, and Basil Poledouris's score are all fantastic. And I love the pea & human soup. The sequel is pretty pitiful compared to this, as is pretty much every other sword & sorcery flick that came after it...until LOTR, that is.

Adam F (ru) wrote: After an interesting, but imperfect introduction, the metal menace himself, Mechagodzilla is back! This sequel is what you wanted to see in the first place, giving the first era of Godzilla movies a thrilling send off. While searching for the wreck of Mechagodzilla, Interpol agents are suddenly attacked by a giant aquatic dinosaur called Titanosaurus. While investigating this new threat, Akira Ichinose (Katsuhiko Sasaki) learns that a scientist named Dr. Shinji Mafune (Akihiko Hirata) warned the people of Japan about Titanosaurus but was not taken seriously and in fact turned into a laughingstock. According to his daughter, Katsura (Tomoko Ai), Mafune is long dead and cannot help them find a solution on how to defeat the creature. The truth is that Mafune is secretly alive, has become mad and is now obsessed with revenge. Allying himself with the ape-like Aliens from the Third Planet from the Black Hole, who are now desperate to conquer Earth because their home world is about to be destroyed, they plan on sending a rebuilt Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus against Godzilla. Once Earth's mightiest monster is killed, the world will be easy pickings. Mafune will have his revenge, the Aliens a new home. With the people unaware of Mechagodzilla's imminent return, only Ichinose stands a chance of uncovering the secret that will give mankind a fighting chance.This movie brings back the two legendary rivals with a vengeance and throws in a new monster in the mix. Godzilla is once again the hero of Earth while Mechagodzilla is back and stronger than ever. Godzilla no longer has the advantage of pulling ridiculous plot points out of nowhere (like that ridiculous magnetic power from "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla") and the Space Apes have rebuilt Mechagodzilla with a new secret weapon. The newcomer is Titanosaurus and this creature is a lot of fun. It's a giant aquatic dinosaur, but as the insane doctor Mafune reiterates over and over, it's a peaceful creature that's been mind controlled and is now forced to attack humans. Not only is Godzilla against one of his toughest opponents to date, but he's got to deal with a second monster coming after him. In terms of battle prowess, Titanosaurus does not have any projectile weapons (unlike Mechagodzilla, which is filled to the brim with them) but fights with its claws and teeth, just like Godzilla. There are some pretty well choreographed battles between Godzilla and Titanosaurus where the two bite and slash at each other, punching and kicking furiously. I actually found myself cheering for Titanosaurus quite a bit, partially because the evil doctor Mafune has so much love for it that it's infectious. He's constantly screaming that Titanosaurus is the greatest; that he can't wait to unleash him on mankind and you can tell that he genuinely loves the big guy. Seeing as Titanosaurus is himself mind controlled and eventually has to suffer all kinds of abuses at the hands of the military government and Godzilla himself, you're praying that he manages to snap out of the mind control and return to his home in the ocean safely (or even team up with his fellow dinosaur). This is the first time that Godzilla finds himself outnumbered with multiple different enemies at once so it does bring something new to the table and there are times where you really wonder how our hero is going to get out of this sticky mess.So in terms of the monsters, it really rates high. With three kaiju, two of which are villains, this movie really features some spectacular destruction and special effects. While the bulk of the catastrophic damage done to Tokyo is courtesy of Mechagodzilla, who gleefully annihilates anything in its path with its arsenal of beams and missiles, Titanosaurus gets some good ones in too with his hurricane wind attack. It really puts some of the previous movies to shame because the city really gets annihilated. When it comes to the human it's just as entertaining. First, we have the diabolical aliens from the Third Planet from the Black hole coming back. Their design has been significantly improved by giving them spacey alien helmets, complete with some horn/antennas and a visor. These guys are given a reason for wanting to inhabit Earth, but once again they're totally evil, not even attempting to negotiate peacefully because hey, they've got a robot made of space titanium that would go to waste in times of peace. They're allied with the second greatest bad guy you can have in a science fiction movie, a mad scientist bent on revenge. There's actually some tension between the two despite the fact that they have some similar goals. Despite the fact that the Space Apes have resurrected Mafune's daughter using advanced robotics technology, they are not really allied with him. They are willing to take advantage of Mafune's love for both Titanosaurus and his daughter by sending the monster alone against Godzilla (thinking that Godzilla will kill it but be weakened himself) and by making Katsura inseparable from the machinery that is used to control Mechagodzilla and even reworking her brain to make her barely recognizable as the woman she once was. Mafune resents the aliens but is so blinded by his desire for revenge that he has no idea he's being played. From the hero's perspective, they're not just standing around idly while the monsters duke it out. Like I said earlier, at first they are completely unaware of the alien's return and the fact that with each second, Mechagodzilla is getting closer to being fully repaired. There's actually a bit of tension there as they get completely distracted with the monster that's right in front of their face and forget about the one they were looking for in the first place. When the real threat becomes obvious, they dispense with the usual, completely ineffective weapons and come up with something new that will help Godzilla turn the tide of the battle. On a smaller scale, our main hero Ichinose, is a likeable character. At first he wants to get a hold of Mafune so that he can clear the man's name and give the scientist credit for discovering the aquatic dinosaur. As he gets more involved in the suspicious behavior of Mafune's daughter though, he becomes a key element in figuring warning the people of Japan of the real threat. There are also some nice dramatic moments with him and Katsura, particularly towards the end of the film. It's nothing that will bring you to tears, it makes for a nice moment of character development and just a smidge of real emotion.The movie is a very nice blend of genuinely entertaining monster action and fun sci-fi camp. I can't say it's a perfect film in those terms because it's missing a couple of good, memorable lines to make it truly iconic. Additionally there are a couple of moments during the monster battles where the special effects really leave you scratching your head (I'm thinking any part where the monsters pick each other up or end up being tossed halfway across the horizon). Nevertheless, it's a terrific conclusion in the first era of Godzilla films in which the radioactive dinosaur became the savior of mankind and a beloved hero to children and adults alike. This was the last Godzilla movie for a while and thankfully, Toho really pulled out all the stops with some fun villains, interesting human plots, impressive sequences of destruction and some well shot combat. One of the most memorable Godzilla foes is back and we have a great new addition too. There's a lot to like in this movie so if you want to dip your toes into the franchise, or you want to introduce some friends to it, this is one of the better entries and one you should not skip. (English Dub on Dvd, April 28, 2014)

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Gabe A (gb) wrote: Not the easiest viewing, but a harrowing look at war atrocities nonetheless.

Rodolfo R (us) wrote: Universal has just released The Gary Cooper Collection, a collection of 5 of Coop's films from the 30s, retailing for about $25 but available for $20 online. That's $4 a picture. Sweet. Of the lot, I've only seen [i]Design for Living[/i], so I bought the set. I figure [i]Design for Living[/i] is worth twenty bucks and I got four free movies!!!! [i]Design for Living[/i] is based on the Noel Coward play of the same name. Ben Hecht wrote the screenplay and apparently discarded all of Coward's work, retaining the basic concept: George, a painter, and Thomas, a playwright, are Americans sharing an apartment in Paris. They meet Gilda, who falls in love with both of them and moves in, acting as muse and critic to their respective arts, but with NO SEX. Directed by Ernst Lubitsch and featuring Coop, Frederic March, Miriam Hopkins and Edward Everett Horton (as George, Tommy, Gilda and Edward Everett Horton), [i]Design for Living[/i] is a very fun and very funny sex comedy that could only come from the early thirties. Gary Cooper isn't really remembered as a comedian, but he had a wonderfully droll way with a line. Frederic March subverts his usual stentorian self with an unexpected goofiness and appears in boxer shorts in one scene (March had terrifcally sexy legs. Check out his gladiator garb in [i]The Sign of the Cross[/i]. Woof!). Miriam Hopkins is sublime as Gilda; outside of [i]Becky Sharp[/i], she did her best work with Lubitsch and is in top sexy madcap form here. Lotsa fun. The set also includes [i]Peter Ibbetson, The General Died at Dawn, Beau Geste[/i] and [i]The Lives of the Bengel Lancer[/i].

Sylvester E (gb) wrote: This is a wonderful film that all of you guys will enjoy. From 1931...Street Scene.

Akshay M (gb) wrote: Reese Witherspoon steals the show in this laugh out loud satirical comedy. Film's hilarious dark humour and especially it's intelligently written script makes it a perfectly executed comedy movie which is very rare in this genre credits to alexander payne for his smart direction.

Anssi K (gb) wrote: 8 legged freaks meet slither: good, could be shittier.

Keano A (it) wrote: I feel this is a pretty fun movie. It rings the same bell as Over the Hedge, only this time Hammy is a girl and the villain is the same raccoon. We're just missing Skunkette heheh. The ending is almost the same as well, the hoard somehow gets to the people in a fantastic explosion or down a river. Only real minus to this movie is Psy, and the humans' acting job.

Julian P (us) wrote: So stupid that it's enjoyable.

Kyle S (de) wrote: Favorite as a kid. Easy, comfy, nostalgic comedy. Nothing special. But I wouldn't hate on it either