Triple Agent

Triple Agent

The Popular Front wins elections, the Spanish Civil War begins, and Hitler and Stalin are manipulating and spying. The brilliant exile, Fiodor Voronin, a general at 20, is the deputy at the White Russian Military Union, probably slated to replace the aging Général Dobrinsky soon. Fiodor's Greek wife, Arsinoé, paints and stays away from politics, befriending Communist neighbors. Her health declines; the attentive Fiodor arranges care and, against the backdrop of Stalin's Great Purge, considers his options. He plays a chess game in which love of country, love of Arsinoé, ideology, petty jealousies, and the machinations of power roil in matters of life and death.

France, 1936-37. The Popular Front wins elections, the Spanish Civil War begins, and Hitler and Stalin are manipulating and spying. The brilliant exile, Fiodor Voronin, a general at 20, is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan M (au) wrote: Worth watching.enjoyable is a stretch

Sri R (jp) wrote: only the dance is good

Muhammad Hassan S (fr) wrote: not very goog but simple

Agns P (mx) wrote: sympa, con, drole, touchant : on peut faire ce qu'on veut des gens paums...

Doctor S (ag) wrote: A colossal borer of a horror. When a movie contains these elementsA) has a main character who does nothing but scream or panic (or, most frequently, scream AND panic)B) is shot in the dark, so when a camera points at something you have no clue what you're supposed to seeC) 75% of the time is confined to a cramped car interiorD) every scene goes on for at least 3 minutes too long - if it isn't scary to begin with, extending will not by magic make it scarierE) the biggest name in the cast spends a third of their screen time acting as a corpseF) features a screenplay that feels like a 12-page first draftG) the direction lacks any skill at building tension or suspenseH) after 50 arduous minutes finally forces the viewer to find something better to do, without provoking even a fleeting wonder about what happens nextthen that movie is an utter FAILURE, undeserving of anything but the worst rating available. Dreadful indeed.

Peter N (us) wrote: We've seen similar horror thrillers handled much more gracefully, but it has a few high points.

Dolores H (kr) wrote: Hilarious and so well acted. Jamie Lee Curtis is absolutely brilliant.

Jo F (nl) wrote: Eight-time Oscar nominee Peter O??Toole is stuck with an ensemble whose acting would embarrass the ??Saved By The Bell?? cast in this straight-to-video mess. He still shines in the momentary chances he??s given as an aristocratic snob hosting party-obsessed rock stars for a week. The only other highlight??Alicia Silverstone??s virtuoso bass guitar playing??sadly accounts for only three minutes of a very long 106-minute film. Because it??s so completely off kilter, it??s almost as fun to watch as an ancient ??Beach Blanket Bingo?? movie, but this zany mess is from 2002. C-minus.

Kim B (it) wrote: Probably better than the first one with more going on in plot. Pretty funny, these are Halloween classic movies for whole family to enjoy.

Gretchen W (kr) wrote: not one of my favorite TC movies

Issac L (ru) wrote: Adapted from Julian Mitchell's eponymous play, ANOTHER COUNTRY is a biographic recount of Guy Burgess' repressive campus days, which foreshadows his later defection to Russia as a spy. Set in 1930s, in an all-male British public school, Guy (Everett) is a homosexual student with a casual and elegant bearing, his best friend is a heterosexual communist Tommy (Firth), both spurn the stiff hierarchy system of the school, from junior to prefect until the gods, the oppressive atmosphere is stifling. Triggered by a newly suicide accident owing to homosexual action, the management tier restricts any activity likewise. Guy finds himself more and more befuddled about his future and a cute peer James (Elwes) has come into his life, whom he is instantly besotted with. But with their disruptive nature, both Guy and Tommy have to pay their prices and end up as expendable pawns in the school's power struggle. The film runs within a neat 90-minutes, starts with a writer interviews Guy in Moscow in 1980s (in my opinion it would be much better to hire a real aging actor for the role instead of using the horrible make-up on Everett), immediately the film flashbacks to Guy's youth, carefully limns how the formulaic and orthodox school life slowly erodes his belief and viewpoint of the world, but not his sexuality. Both Rupert Everett and Colin Firth are in their early twenties and their untainted countenances could only arouse a nostalgic reminiscence which luckily doesn't overshadow their excellent performances here, especially Firth, an idealistic socialist, a devoted friend, the two-hander between him and Everett gains lots of favorable impressions for the film while Elwes and Everett's touchy-feely moments looks a shade phony and effete. Nevertheless, I give an encourage 8 out 10 for this film, director Marek Kanievska's debut, it has a killing score, mellifluous and nerve-soothing, the script is potent and caustic in supporting the film's narrative arc with a great ensemble and my sweet spot is the period backdrop, whose canon and moral leverage are stinkingly degenerate, but all its trappings are shining with their own allure to generations after and this film is a lucky beneficiary as well.

Michael T (kr) wrote: The first TVM was actually very good but then came V: THE FINAL BATTLE (which started out okay but then insultred everyones intelligence with the deus-ex-machina ending) and the moronic TV series. Watch this first movie and ignore everything else that comes after it; Director and creator Kenneth Johnson had very little to do with the second TVM and nothing to do with the series.

Tom D (ru) wrote: At the time this must have been striking and the theme almost revolutionary, but although some of the acting is good there are some over-the-top performances and the music score is very uneven.

Alex Z (gb) wrote: Fun....but that's about it.

Russ B (jp) wrote: 2/22/2017: A really good flick. A good cast with plenty of funny moments.

F B (br) wrote: Very good film and typical of government and organisations to treat people like this.

Matthew S (gb) wrote: Peter Bogdanovich's 1973 film is almost perfect.