Triple Crossed

Triple Crossed

With a tour in Afghanistan behind him, war-torn Chris Jensen struggles to assimilate back to life in California. Drifting and living out of his car, he soon discovers that few are willing to deal with the remnants of a damaged career military man. Chris is self medicating; desperate to silence the echoes from the front lines. When an opportunity finally presents itself, he makes the hard decision to employ his most coveted talents honed in special ops. A job is a job and Chris knows civilian life can be just as cut-throat as time on active duty. But just how close does he have to get to Andrew Warner to secure the kill?

A man is out to kill a person he swore on his best friend's death bed to protect. CHRIS JENSEN is torn between his allegiance to his fallen friend, TYLER TOWNSEND, who died in Afghanistan ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ted W (us) wrote: not bad, some great stunts and action, however marred by too much slo-mo and effects. The final sequence is fun and RZA is a trip!

Sameer V (ag) wrote: Love okay, Sex good, Dhokha sucked... but still Dibankar Banerjee is the man!!!

Audis P (ca) wrote: First one is worth 5 stars :p

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Andrew M (es) wrote: I saw the last half hour of this on TV, once, and it was INCREDIBLY BAD. Not bad funny, bad bad. I mean absolutely ridiculous. I'd like to know how it even got to the shooting stage.

Guye J (jp) wrote: Classic 1989 horror movie! Julian Sands played one sick Warlock(male witch)! By looking at Richard E. Grant role as the Warlock hunter, it showed how barbaric Europeans looked 300 years ago even in Boston in the 17th century!

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Herbert R (es) wrote: Great music. Great cast. Fun story. I'm sorry David didn't direct more films.

Sage S (gb) wrote: Really interesting Soviet thriller. Hurt does a magnificent job as Chief Inspector Renko, and Lee Marvin is superb in one of his last film roles. There is great chemistry between characters and terrific dialogue. I enjoyed watching the plot unfold to discover who was cheating who for what and why.

Michelle T (fr) wrote: I adore this movie, from the first time I saw it back in the mid-80's to a recent viewing in 2012. It holds up fairly well after all these years. Great acting by both Debra Winger and Nick Nolte. They're both so young and gorgeous in this film. It's hard not to like every single character. They're so warm and poignant, you almost forget you're watching a story about homelessness people and prostitutes! This is classic John Steinbeck - lots of humor and empathy.

Stephen C (kr) wrote: British science fiction Films is a genre which tends to get overlooked ,which in my view is a shame as their are some real gems in the genre just ripe for rediscovery.This is one of those gems as director Val Guest had already directed two classics of the genre in the shape of the Quatermass films.Here the earth is sent on collision course with the sun after the superpowers both detonate atomic bombs at the same time.The film is set around the old Daily Express offices In London as two journalists are tasked with covering the breaking story .The scenario is very well handled and the film focuses on character and plot development rahter than OTT special effects .That said we do get some cracking effects including a massive heat fog which causes all kinds of panic ,and a cyclone which reeks havoc through the city of London.Guest knows his stuff and the newspaper briefings and final ambiguos headline ending are all chillingly realistic.Very convincing then but also literate and with proper rounded characters and in Sci Fi that can be a rare beast.

Nancy H (fr) wrote: "I knew Leo G. Carrol was over a barrel when Tarantula took to the hills."