Tripoli, bel suol d'amore

Tripoli, bel suol d'amore

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Tripoli, bel suol d'amore torrent reviews

Eluned P (ca) wrote: I sat down in the cinema with my best resting bitch face on because the boys were going to watch something that I actually wanted to see and I was sulking because I desperately didn't want to see what I assumed would be like a multi-coloured version of the Smurfs. But I have to tell you, it wiped the sulk right off my face. I absolutely loved it. So much fun, brilliant music, enough humour to keep the parents laughing along. As someone who watches a lot (A LOT) of children's films under duress, I watch this with the kids on purpose, for fun. Teenager, little one, parents, all love it.

Jason A (br) wrote: A 3-D treat for fans of BBC's Earth series. The music may turn off some hard core fans for being too poppy.

Nick K (es) wrote: seen it its a made for t.v movie this guy from the future fines a old love story book from 2012 its a love story ,but hes not got the foggyest about love so he goes back in time to meet the writer ,you can guess the rest .

Joshua P (jp) wrote: Definitely worth watching at least once. Character-driven story with breakout performances from Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.

Dave J (jp) wrote: Friday, May 4, 2012 (2005) Tarzan II ANIMATION/ CHILDREN/ ADVENTURE After the moderate success of Disney's animated "Tarzan" cartoon movie released in 1999, the studio decided to produce a sequel which went straight-to-rental and it's a very good move on their part because that's where it needs to go, sinceit's just a simplistic recycled mess out of many other Disney classics that came before it especially the supposedly comedy scenes! Retelling the "Tarzan" legend created by Edgar Rice Burroughs -Disney style centering way too long about 'how come young Tarzan can't do some of the same things as his other apes friends' besides not looking like one almost made me like not wanting to care at this point, for as the movie progresses with the help of an older ape, he was able to identify the features he already has such as his using hands and his feet but it's so boring. For children, they may suck up to this since they may not have seen many as much as you, but a warning to all parents and adults the only reason to see this (if theirs any reason at all all) is to hear some of our favorite actors/ actresses doing the voices which can also be distracting since alot of the dialoge is repititive and somewhat annoying. These voices include George Carlin as Hugo, Glenn Close as Kala, Brad Garret as Uto, Lance Henrickson as Kerchak and ron Pearlman as Kugo. Besides the caroon being straight forward, conventional and unfunny was Phil Collins annoying songs throughout- they were so boring that I used a remote control to whiz through them. It's sole message is okay, but even at a running time of 1 hour and 12 minutes still felt quite long, perhaps it should've been 35 or 45 minute and at the same time cut out the uninspiring singing, the cheap jokes and I might've like this one a little more. 2 out of 4

Simon D (ag) wrote: Here begins a sequence of reviews of films I watched in a Saigon hotel room when it was too hot or rainy to go outside. I wasn't looking forward to seeing this but there was nothing else on. Seeing that Kurt Russel and Steven Segal was in it didn't bode well. I'm pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised however. It's quite a cool film, with a decent story and action packed, of course. It didn't drop into the realms of fantasy either, which I respect.

Brooke B (fr) wrote: as close to perfection, simply beautiful. (to me!) I Love Wim Wenders and this is my favorite of his films.

Ian F (br) wrote: Paul Newman and auto racing need i say more

Kyle B (mx) wrote: A wonderful film with strong performances throughout especially from Poitier, Steiger, Grant, Dean, and Patterson. It is well written and directed with tense and gripping scenes only needed the strong dialogue and not violence.

Caroline W (it) wrote: It is too predictable and the actors look like they were reading off a card and there was no chemistry with the actors.

Adrienne D (nl) wrote: It was a great look back in time.