Adapted and inspired from the play Lipsynch, Triptyque is a contemporary urban saga that tells the story of Michelle (Lise Castonguay) a schizophrenic bookseller, Marie (Frédérike Bédard), singer and actress, and Thomas (Hans Piesbergen), a German neurologist. Three lives, three destinies that cross and resonate, Triptyque is a sensitive and deeply moving variation on the themes of memory and identity.

Triptych is a contemporary urban saga that tells the story of Michelle, a schizophrenic bookseller, her sister Marie... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jakub S (it) wrote: This film proves that you can make a brilliant movie even without special effects, movie stars and massive campaign. All you need is a good story and a brilliant actor or actress. Life writes the best scripts.

Janella R (jp) wrote: I wish that the ending of the film was how the true story had turned out. It was hard watching this movie knowing that this actually occurred just a few years before. Honestly sickening and heart-breakingly painful to watch the poor victim's suffering play out. I did quite enjoy the ending though; what goes around comes around!

Joe T (ag) wrote: Embarassed as I am to admit it, the first half hour was really very amusing. Petered out at the end.

David H (ru) wrote: Gotta see it. Low budget with big stars and a heaping helping of acid-trippy goodness. Wayne Coyne is very believable as an alien (no stretch there). Oh yeah, the alien monsters are very NSFW, not for sensitive audiences.

Srxan H (us) wrote: Real depiction of teenager life. Their view on sex, drugs and again sex. What makes this movie specific is being so simple, not any direct messages or unexpected ending like great movies, but so simple and nothing added. It was director's view also made movie of documentary style.Scenes of teens' view of sex, comparison of having sex from gender's angle; Ruby and Jennie's HIV results; Telly's "philosophy" on road with Casper are quintessential.Movie can also be noted its vocabulary- Telly's artificial word "diss digg'' and using the verb "devirginize"; other slang-like words including phat, stoods, lasso is distinctive. Unique characteristics makes this movie cult following

SV G (mx) wrote: Well done documentary - it chooses no side but rather lets the family tell the story. Two brothers with deaf children who make strong and decidingly different choices on whether to get their child a cochlear implant. Give them the opportunity to hear and speak as others do - or raise them in a deaf community - signing to communicate - and just being proud and okay with who they are. For me that is a no-brainer as I would want to give my child every opportunity in life & those opportunities would be easier had one would think if they could hear and speak - but this documentary brought to light for me the two sides to this argument.

Toh H (kr) wrote: a simple yet intriguing story.

Julio C (it) wrote: El sorprendente humor negro e irreverente de John Waters es llevado aqui a la satira del facismo. Una critica plagada de escenas incomodas (y por igual divertidas) como cambios de sexo express, ratas cocinadas, canibalismo y una de las escenas lesbicas mas sui generis del cine. Larga vida al rey del trash!

Stefan G (ag) wrote: I've always wondered why critics focused on the supposed political message this film is said to have had four decades ago. By focusing on the film's moral position, I think the critics of their time forgot that films are as much art as they are entertainment, and this film excels both on the level of art and entertainment. The film portrays a detective trying to apprehend a vicious psychopath, while grappling with the orders of his superiors contradicting his own moral instincts. To Dirty Harry, the criminal is as clear as day, but what enrages him is that law is too slow to act. He represents society's latent desire for swift and effective justice without any interference from a middle man. In the dazed and confused time that was the early 1970's, he was essentially a kind of modern cowboy, the ultimate antithesis of what John Wayne came to represent. We can his politics all we want, but he certainly gets the job done, and I actually admire him as a character because of it. In the film, Clint Eastwood delivers what is perhaps the kind of tense performance and implicitly tough persona that distinguishes him as a great actor. The film also manages to realize its seedy setting effortlessly, the end result being a visual representation of what was then the present. Of course, nothing steals the spotlight quite like the raw violence that speaks louder than the film's eponymous protagonist, and it can't be denied that it's always a pleasure to see Clint Eastwood do what he does best. Whether you loved it for its uncompromising attitude, or hated it for its supposed politics, this film will always leave an impression on you in some way or another, and it will most likely be among the most truly raw of cinematic experiences.

Brian P (us) wrote: nah. It tried to be too much like Guess Who, with the bride and groom being different races and their families adapting. goat scene was hilarious though