Trivandrum Lodge

Trivandrum Lodge

V.K Praksh's Trivandrum Lodge, follows the lives of residents in a lodge and their relationships.

A small residential lodge at Kochi becomes the witness for many stories, of many people, their search for love, money, sex, and true meaning of life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trivandrum Lodge torrent reviews

Sam B (ru) wrote: The terrifyingly impassive face of Ashley in her glass house will stay with me for a long time.

Tony C (kr) wrote: Very entertaining love story!

Bruce s (kr) wrote: mmmmmmmm well will look it out

Gavin C (ru) wrote: A few fair moments, but all in all just another 'scary' movie with lazy editing and nonsencal dialogue on the kiler's part. Also, making the main character a bulimic with an annoying-as-hell scream wasn't very wise.

Jennifer H (fr) wrote: Read the book first, big mistake. I liked the book a lot, but movie is not great. If you haven't read the book then the adaptation of the novel to film won't bother you and you might see it differently. Not Nicholas Sparks' best.

Viviane B (kr) wrote: very entertaining and showing the real issue today on how magic is seen differently!

Johnny F (gb) wrote: This is an another awesome sequel!

Joseph M (jp) wrote: Amazing cinematography

Harry S (au) wrote: It Wasnt The Greatest Film. The Most Enjoyable Bit Was Watching Sly Do His Thing. Not The Greatest Thing To Come Out Of 1995.

Jaden A (ca) wrote: Pulse in the beginning is kinda creepy, and scary. When it hits in the middle or the climax, it doesn't have anything special into it's emotional substance. Until the end, it was extremely disappointing. Rent the original instead.

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Daniel P (ag) wrote: I loved the French remake The Beat That My Heart Skipped (very unconventional to have a European remake of an American failure), and am intrigued to see what this is like. Love the poster art.

Ibraheem M (ca) wrote: Nothing special in this western

James B (ca) wrote: Good flying sequences (they destroyed real Mosquito aircraft!) but plot is a bit thin in places IMO

Mark W (mx) wrote: Slow and painfully dull movie to watch which simply cashes in on the Exorcist name... This in my eyes was just like 'The Beginning' meaning no frights, no scares, but a long and generally uninteresting plot! The big problem I have is, people never cared about this side to the Exorcist, the beginning 5 minutes of The Exorcist movie were seemingly forgotten by most and we remember the modern events to follow... This is just... No, just don't bother!

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