Emily Watson stars as Trixie, an eccentric woman who aspires to quit her job as a security guard and become a private detective. However, comedy intervenes and the mess begins...

An eccentric, unconventional woman whose naive aspirations to rise from her job as a security guard to full-fledged private eye lead her into a tangled PL: mess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trixie torrent reviews

James B (ag) wrote: This was really good. I'm starting to enjoy watching some of these films that aren't the big box office titles. Kind of a "Reality Bites for this decade. The movie follows a number of singles through their relationships. A funny watch.

Marissa D (nl) wrote: Worst gory slasher EVER- borrows from at least 5 other movies, and the "boogeyman" is a man in a mask

Nouara Starlion I (fr) wrote: la colo des annes 90 de bon souvenirs

Jon L (us) wrote: What happens when you have a home freezer and the electricity goes out?

Michael F (fr) wrote: A Robin William's classic

Kristin M (fr) wrote: I love this movie, first saw it on tv and loved it instantly! I especially appreciate that it's about a female mafia. The acting isn't so great, but the general Godfather feel is there and the movie was pulled off nicely!

Bee C (kr) wrote: ??? not sure what this is

Malaika K (ru) wrote: A fabulous story about a relationship that is tested by the realities of life in the inner city.

Derek W (fr) wrote: By the end, you'll wish they had just left a message.

Christian A (de) wrote: Just a hard to movie to watch for me, hard to get into

Jamy S (us) wrote: one of the first movies i remember seeing