Trojan Warrior

Trojan Warrior

When a comical mob bag-man rats out the local mob boss, the bagman's cousin must rescue him from both the mob and the cops so he can testify at the grand jury.

When a comical mob bag-man rats out the local mob boss, the bagman's cousin must rescue him from both the mob and the cops so he can testify at the grand jury. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jane L (kr) wrote: This movie is pretty terrifying. Two handsome friends stalk the same woman into their lives by spying on her and bugging her. Every woman's dream come true!!

Ricardo Junior S (it) wrote: With only 82 minutes, "American Grindhouse" does what it can - a solid, yet superficial job - reminding the vivid story of american exploitation movies.

John T (gb) wrote: A team go into a lab to see what happened. What they find is an alien cloning experiment gone wrong.

John B (es) wrote: A little silly yes but still not a bad film to put before the kids. I have a soft spot for parrots so perhaps I am being just a wee bit too giving in this review.

scott g (ag) wrote: a interesting at times film, following a young brazillian taking on a job to deliver a pakage to portugal, getting payed so he can make his way to spain, but due to events not turning out the way its erxpoected. he meets a girl, whos also involved in the deal. a great look to the film, music and performances adding someting to overall story.

Denise P (kr) wrote: While it boasts some impressive technical effects to enhance its guilty pleasures, this third installment in the classical Poltergeist series is inept on almost every other imaginable level; handicapped by horrible acting, illogical plotting and some of the laziest directing ever filmed from a sequel to what is referred to as one of the best horror movies of all time.

Gary S (us) wrote: The plot is a bit far-fetched, but for the 50s, it works beautifully.

Michael W (mx) wrote: No doubt every one making this film had fun, it comes across on the screen. My wicked and arguably stupid sense of humor get it's g-spot; the Jay & Bob treatment. One of the few film's that still makes me laugh out loud. Understanding Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse is not needed to enjoy these two comedy heroes Jay and Silent Bob the Boy Wonder. Snoggons!..

Andrew S (br) wrote: The characters were interesting, but the story was confusing and hard to follow at times.

(us) wrote: I do love this film. I get really annoyed when people say it's not Aardman. How many films have they made? 4? Seriously, they're taking a different turn and it works bloody wonders. The story in incomprehensibly amazing and downright fun. The voice acting is rather unique and the characters are exceptional. I really did love the pirate king, but David Tennant was the star here. His interpretation of Darwin was so damn spot on. Aardman prove they have diversity in their stories and that's an achievement within itself. Queen Victoria is exceedingly humorous as the dark and cynical villain and it's riddled with so many historical gags and satires that it's unmissable. Excellently crafted and brilliantly animated, this film is balls off the wall fun