A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter.

A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Judy W (nl) wrote: It was ok really didn't connect to reason of the first movie. She wanted to help kids dance and learn but what did that have to gangs? Looks like a wantabe of step up

Becky L (ag) wrote: Very inspirational! A perfect way to show the different sides of being a true Godly Father; and including the good and the bad sides to any family in general. Sherwood has been faithful about making wonderful family movies; can't wait for the next one!

Plain C (fr) wrote: It took ages to get round and watch this and I'm glad I did. Film was pretty intense with a low budget. ending was a little silly but still enjoyed it. I think there's like 5 or 6 people that have dialog. I like low budget film and I like it when it works too. This was one of those film where the characters make it. Some of the characters you don't even see and they are engaging with their voices. I thought it was great scary but not too scary. watch it by myself and everything. big boy ting.

Kiri M (jp) wrote: definitely one of the more enjoyable and intriguing movies i've watched in my sociology class.

Nigel K (ca) wrote: An uncomfortable lesson about the beginning of the USA's involvement in Vietnam. At once a superb action film and also a salutary story of how many lives might have been saved if the Americans had lost the first major battle with the Vietcong.

Chad D (de) wrote: Decently funny Sinbad vehicle from Disney. One of those movies I adored as a kid, but understand its problems as an adult.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Bullets Over Broadway was a film I decided to see soon because it was said to be one of Woody Allen's finest works, and because Dianne Wiest gave a critically acclaimed performace.Although the latter was completely valid, hearing about the former turned out to be the downfall of my opinion on the film. I found Bullets Over Broadway to be very overrated and not nearly as funny as I had hoped it would be. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it or find it clever, but I extremely rarely found myself laughing at all. I didn't really get all that sucked into the story either or embrace the mix of Broadway and gangster themes, or the humour that came with it. Bullets Over Broadway was really just not my film, and I wouldn't call it one of my more favoured Woody Allen films.But still, I did enjoy Bullets Over Broadway. I found that Woody Allen's talented direction was strong in capturing a typical Broadway style, feel and atmosphere which made the story feel all the more legitimate, as did the strong production design and costume designs which gave a good look for the story. The cast made their efforts to ensure that they acted like the people of the time as well, and the clever script managed to incorporate 1920's language and wiseguy-type speak into its dialogue which assisted the actors in functioning all very well. Woody Allen displays his theatrical passion through film in Bullets Over Broadway, and a good source of acclaim for that is for the theatrical cinematography which features long-shots and minimal editing, and the actors who are strong enough to work with all that. Woody Allen's efforts really tie the story together.And the story is strong to connect to by channelling the character David Shayne, because I found that as he got annoyed, so did I. As he became distressed, so did I. And as he began to fall in love with Helen Sinclair, so did part of me. The more the story develops, the more we connect to him. And it's a strong experience.But the efforts of the actors is what makes Bullets Over Broadway so interesting.John Cusack's performance is very reminiscent of a character portrayed by Woody Allen himself, because he captures the sense of awkwardness and passion all while portraying a director himself, which essentially makes him a reflection of Woody Allen if he was a broadway director. John Cusack secures the difficult task of playing a Woody Allen type character, but he passes with flying colours.But the cast member that truly flys with the colours is the magnificent Dianne Wiest. Worthy of her Academy Award and all her acclaim, Dianne Wiest puts all her talent into portraying the marvellous Helen Sinclair as a very passionate and theatrical woman who dramatizes all her lines as perfectly as she delivers them, and her beauty and grace is impossible not to fall for. She is beautiful and so talented as an actress, and Bullets Over Broadway is the finest proof of that.Jennifer Tilly was also interesting because she was so good at portraying a bad actress without it seeming like she was actually a bad actress, and her ability to tone her iconic voice in so many ways to be the worst of the worst was a very good talent that she put on display, so she is another good reason to see Bullets Over Broadway.Chazz Palminteri was also good.So Bullets Over Broadway is more likely to appeal to the older crowd, but Woody Allen and Dianne Wiest's efforts are put on display very strongly.

neil L (nl) wrote: Midnight Express has some cheesy moments, but I loved it. I like the paranoid atmosphere and the retro film quality.

Scott A (fr) wrote: It was well made and easy to watch, but it was just missing something. The PG rating clearly hurt it cause there was not a lot of violence, and what was shown, was really cheesy. The blood looked like red paint, not blood.Eastwood is likable here, but as vanilla as can be. There was nothing to his character.I did enjoy the supporting bit by Duvall and Saxon, who looked crazy unlike himself under some make up and a Spanish accent. Sadly, neither seem to get the time their characters deserved.Just a kind of a meh western

Jolle L (au) wrote: Quelques bons moments. J'aime bien ce film, mais il n'a rien de sp (C)cial pour l' (C)couter encore et encore...

Dave20 H (mx) wrote: One of my favourite movies. Its not a kids movie at all. But at the time it was fresh and dark. Very funny. Watch it every Christmas.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: A very moving and powerful movie, Very entertaining, Easily one of Dwayne's best performance acting wise, Very good.

Arslan K (de) wrote: Best mission impossible movie in the series.