Tropic of Emerald

Tropic of Emerald


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Turtleboy G (br) wrote: Very fun and exciting movie. It is one of the only new comedies that I actually enjoyed. It had a story, it had the action, the comedy, it had everything for a good comedy. I found myself laughing a lot, and even found myself intrigued. Nice and fresh new comedy. Definitely better than his Mall Cop 2 movie.

Angelica S (fr) wrote: Not a full satisfying ending, but still worth watching. I like the conflict and we can call it a "triangle love", maybe?

Anthony B (kr) wrote: Basically the worst acting with all that terrible ending.

Timm S (ag) wrote: Variation Of Typical Hollywood Action-Thrillers. The Story Loses Focus Near The End, But It Has Most Definitely Got Lots Of Twists, Turns & Gritty (Gorey) Moments.

Juan R (gb) wrote: Piece of sh*t. Nothing compared with the 1st one.

Russell H (mx) wrote: This was just kind of ridiculous and not really exciting. I usually like Kurt Russell but he seemed to be a non factor here.

Jordan R (us) wrote: This is... absolutely awful. The lowest point of the series without a doubt.

Allison S (kr) wrote: One of my favorite Disney movies ever! You can never go wrong with Burl Ives, in my humble opinion.

Norm W (jp) wrote: Great thoughtful story.