Based on the short story by Stephen King, this tells the tale of trucks suddenly coming to life and attacking their owners.

Based on the short story by Stephen King, this tells the tail of trucks suddenly coming to life and attacking their owners. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna J (jp) wrote: Thought it was sweet but had a twist at the end that got you thinking. She loved him through hard times and in the end he had peace.

Sonika B (fr) wrote: Not Bad... though very predictable.. but cute at times

Rick M (au) wrote: They just talk and talk and talk... shut up and kill zombies or do something.... anything!

Kyle M (us) wrote: The amusements of manageable laughs and Jake Gyllenhaal's young performance with his known charisma were overpowered by the ridiculousness and pathetic-ness after losing and during the respected understanding on the limited ways of the film's bubble boy condition. (B-)(Full review coming soon)

Charles P (es) wrote: It ends up being a tiresome and gratuitously violent movie.

Sudipto B (au) wrote: the movie tried to make a statement ....I am not sure what it was

Morris N (es) wrote: I do not like Paltrow, but I'll take a chance on this one because I'm interested in the story.

Michael C (gb) wrote: Hey, it's got a Rheostatics soundtrack, so how can it go wrong?

Mala P (jp) wrote: This is such a great film. It's quite an eye opener, but very sad as this type practice still goes on in India today. It's a must see in my books.

Tracey c (ru) wrote: I like Jerry Lewis films...But sorry for saying...But this film was freaken Aweful...

Andrew H (ru) wrote: Not great but not bad.

Greg W (fr) wrote: year s/b 1946 not 2007

Lynda M (it) wrote: I wonder was this the first full length spoof? Utterly charming and it is a joy to watch this film now at any time, to see the few artists of comedy who just let it happen, simple, subtle, well timed and endearing.

Pondering T (gb) wrote: I know what you are thinking... Danish, hand held cameras, grainy pictures, blurry focus... oh no ANOTHER Dogma film.... While Applause looks to have all the trappings of (practically) everything else that has come out of Denmark since Lars Broke the Waves, I for one actually found that in this story it worked quite well. Sometimes I think that having that camera right up in your face is much harder as an actor for it forces one to really have to get into a character. I like the focus on the characters in this way... the fact that the outside world does not really exist for that is not the purpose of the film. Oh don't get me wrong... you know this is Danish (or at least in THAT vain), but I found myself drawn to this film, and the lead character (paprika Steen) for the simple fact that she tried her best to do what she could with the material she had. I enjoyed the pacing of the film, the intensity of its action and the movement of the characters. Where the story falters for me, is in its inabilty to totally follow through on the darkness you can see is growing and growing and growing throughout the film. I don't want to give anything away by saying too much, but you now what she is contemplating by the end, and the final scenes left (at least me) with the wondering both of ... will she or won't she and I hope she does/I hope she doesn'. While the final decision of the character (to do what she did and get to the place to finally got to) was good in some ways... it was also not totally great to the entire context of the story, but also it was not a total washout either for the ending is not one I would say is neither particularily happy nor healthy. Sounds criptic perhaps, and if you saw the film and understood what I think perhaps should have happened at the end to complete the true darkness you might see me as a bad person, so I can only say, go and see the film for yourself and you be the judge. After all that is what cinema is all about and another reason why I liked this film. It is a film that can (and probably will) spark discussions as to the true nature of what this character would have done. In my books at least that is the sign of intelligent cinema... or at least cinema with more then just a fleeting thought.

Chucky (mx) wrote: March 28th 2012July 28th 2013

Matt K (us) wrote: Everyone hates this movie, but it's really funny and good. This is basically the best version possible of the "dad has to juggle work and his kids" formula.