Trust the Man

Trust the Man

Overachieving actress, Rebecca (Moore), must come to grips with her failing marriage to stay-at-home dad, Tom (Duchovny). While Rebecca's slacker brother, Tobey (Billy Crudup), can't seem to commit to his aspiring-novelist girlfriend, Elaine (Maggie Gyllenhaal). As both relationships spin out of control, the two couples embark on a quest to rediscover the magic and romance of falling in love in New York.

After all the drama, cheating, and trial separations, two men (Crudup, Duchovny) fight to save their respective relationships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ivan D (nl) wrote: if you liked "Gallowwalkers", you'll love this :)

Matthew L (fr) wrote: Weak to say the least. Everybody is phoning it in including the corpses. A waste of three actors, Liotta, Rhames and Slater, who should all know better even if they are just paying the rent.

Yase M (au) wrote: waste of time.. worst movie ever since.. collage no story no dialogues, horrible acting of mk.. amazingly bad..

Sarah S (us) wrote: Got potential but did not live up to it.

Kelly P (nl) wrote: It was alright; I thought it'd be better. It got sorta repeatitive but it was fun. Its worth a watch.

Claudette A (br) wrote: I got a bit lost with all the wives and mistresses he had. Otherwise a good film.

Jen W (mx) wrote: I was introduced to an artist I'd never heard of before and got to see David Bowie play one of my favorite artists: Andy Warhol. Great film.

Sarah F (us) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

James S (fr) wrote: Perhaps my opinion of this would have been different back in 1991 as I unfortunately struggled to look too far past its now dated facade. 'Sleeping with the enemy' depicts a very young Julia Roberts desperate to escape her abusive, domineering relationship. Whilst the environments and action is dated, the acting at times remains solid and helps to create some particularly tense scenes. As with a lot of ninety's films, the music also plays a key role, helping to shift the atmosphere in each scene. Surprising moments help to keep it entertaining, although the predictable and linear story-line holds it back somewhat.

Angie T (jp) wrote: I have to admit, I want to see it cause Frakes is in this...

peter h (kr) wrote: Now this film is the definition of the term "Mind Fuck" because for close to an hour and a half the viewers mind is honestley fucked by a possible pedo in a red suit ,a shakesperian devil , robotic reindeer that mock you with their laughter and one of the freakiest telescopes ever to grace the silver screen. Before whacthing this shit fest pour yourself a glass of jack daniels or smoke a joint and try to enjoy the nightmarish ride that is Santa Claus. 1/10 ( its only got a mark due to being on MST3K , please bring them back for the sake of humainty)

David A (ag) wrote: better than i thought