Truth About Demons

Truth About Demons

An Anthropologist's life and reality are ripped apart by a Satanic cult.

An Anthropologist's life and reality are ripped apart by a Satanic cult. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Truth About Demons torrent reviews

Heather W (mx) wrote: I found this to be a cute and light "Airplane-esque" romantic comedy that was very well done with a pretty substantial script.

Justin P (au) wrote: Terrible terrible film. For people who are easily influenced and have no christian direction this film will most likely excite and provoke your thoughts. For the rest of us it's a disgrace to Australian films and to aboriginal people, unfortunately making them seem like the unintelligent violent people they are often stereotyped to be. Nothing like the original short story, this film reminds me of an something similar to home and away, a story of a series of totally irrational events that lead nowhere.

Samurai A (mx) wrote: Very good screenplay and performances done by its young cast.Very unique depiction of a school shooting.The movie unfortunately borrows alot of elements regarding Columbine and if it was Gus Van Sants intentions depicts the two killers very poorly.still worth a see regardless of its bad depiction of Columbine.

Silvia M (es) wrote: Alright, I adore this movie. I like it even more every time I watch it. However, I do have a sentimental attachment to it. Perhaps that's why. Feelings aside, even if it is not an amazing movie, it isn't horrible. It's a nice movie.

I dont know w (es) wrote: Wow. No depth + No story = God this sounds HORRIBLE.

Leonard D (au) wrote: Stupid movie, but the overlords are still kinda frightening to watch! Hey, at least it got me interested into checking out the comics!

Gordon B (us) wrote: One of the better Hammer Horror films is an amusing mix of blood soaked vampire violence and soft core circus porn

William B (us) wrote: no drugs can prepare you for the screen madness that this unique exercise in the constructive smashing of taboo sights and beliefs represents - a truly extraordinary work that will leave your head spinning into oblivion (Italian version reviewed 136 min.)

Jeshelle V (br) wrote: This show is so fucked up movie. I've never seen anything this dark come out of Disney at least in the early years.I mean, It's a woman wanting to skin Dalmatian puppies alive for their fur. WTF?

Sean C (ag) wrote: It's funny how Orson Welles is in the last 45 minutes of the movie but gets top billing. He's great in it, though, as are Dean Stockwell and Bradford Dillman. I am not a fan of the courtroom drama and that's what this movie turns into, but the majority of it was pretty interesting.

Maurcio V (gb) wrote: Apesar dos constrangedores primeiros 45 minutos e da (muitas vezes insuportvel) trilha sonora, o espectador no tem escapatria a no ser se render ao sentimenta-Spielberg-lismo do emocionante "Cavalo de Guerra". Vale destacar o impecvel trabalho de som nas cenas de guerra.