Truth Hall

Truth Hall

College friends reunite for their best friends' wedding, only to discover that the lies of their past are about to collide with the truths of their present.

College friends reunite for their best friends' wedding, only to discover that the lies of their past are about to collide with the truths of their present. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (de) wrote: Extremely slow and boring, it barely has anything to do with Night of the Living dead, let alone zombies. The dialog is soft, bland, and hard to hear. The story is barely coherent. The whole film feels cheaply done with little effort to make it anything worth sitting through.

Francisco L (kr) wrote: Good movie with excellent performances by the charismatic Anne Hathaway that make this film better than it should be. With charming characters, great musical performances and original story, Ella Enchanted its a creative story that Sci-fi and fantasy lovers will enjoy.

Ben F (ru) wrote: Attempting to review a movie like "Get Over It'' after having seen it is somewhat difficult, specifically because recalling the substance of the film is like recalling a night that you blacked out during. Even though it may be hard, I will try my best. The one thing that I can say for sure about this film is that its defintiely disturbingly humorous. The reason I say this is because there are two actors in this production that I like in general. Ben Foster, who I believe to be an extremely underrated actor, and Kirsten Dunst, an actress who has very recently decided to become excellent. Unfortunately, this movie was made during a time when both of these people didn't truly discover who they were talent wise. Sure Dunst had a couple of good flicks, but for the most part these two weren't very comfrotable performance wise. Not to mention that they were both still teenagers basically. In short, Foster and Dunst weren't quite talented in 2001, and the film itself pretty much proves that. With a tauntingly predictable narrative, "Get Over It" acts as a compilation of most romantic comedy cliches of the 90's being executed all at the brink of the new millenium. The film itself, is a misfire. A girlfriend breaks up with a boyfriend, and the boyfriend wants to get her back. Over the course of his journey to get her back he meets a girl. This girl is the sister of his best friend. The boy needs to realize if his pursuit for his former lover is a necessary thing to accomplish, or if true love is staring him right in the face. The plot of this movie, as you know I'm going to say, is extremely cliche. The cheese doesn't really dictate why I didn't like it. The predictability probably took care of that. Anyway, "Get Over It"is yet another one of those films that you've seen a million times. This kind of stuff really does make my blood boil, becaue if you think about how the production company went through the stages of creating this picture, you know that their main objective was to enthrall individuals who wouldn't be aware that they are seeing recycled filth. Its gross. The performances aren't as bad as you would expect. Sure no one in this movie is good in any way at all, but the actors aren't really the ones to blame for this film's result in any way. In fact, I was surprised out how blatant this became over the course of the movie. All of the poor quality is a direct result of the film's script. What seems like actors struggling with their lines is really actors in complete shock at the lines they are saying. It's quite interesting to see. Reviewing this movie is like reviewing ten other movies that I've seen recently. "Get Over It" takes plot elements from so many films before it, that it fails to concoct any of its own. The atrocious script renders the actors powerless in a 1 hour and 27 minute time span. Overflowed with cliches, drowned out with poor lines, and backed up by an annoying soundtrack, "Get Over It" just reminds you of what is so silly about teenage romantic comedies in contemporary times. It wasn't something that I wanted to think about.

Brad W (ru) wrote: Orignal movie with three great characters. Robin Tunney, Henry Thomas and Michael Parks all did an amazing job!

Jason P (es) wrote: hated this as a kid. saw it recently. amazing. albert brooks is great. bye

John N (fr) wrote: This is one of the worst slasher movies I've ever seen. Poor writing, poor acting, poor cinematography, poor humor, poor villain, no payoff, no fun! Don't waste your time with this movie... unless, of course, your a trilogy purist.

Dinesh B (ag) wrote: Oliver Stone straight from the hip shooting offers a very real interpretation of what happened in Salvador through the eyes of a womanizing, dope smoking, alcoholic journalist, someone we can all identify with :-)

michael b (es) wrote: aussie horror at its best

Ryan F (br) wrote: lol. it wasnt lyk the book. rab is white? but it was funny

Andrey B (ru) wrote: Very charming and delightful tale with easily recognizable Tim Burton themes and production design. Johnny Depp gives one of his eccentric performances as Edward who falls in love with beautiful Winona Ryder. Note the legendary Vincent Price as Edward's creator.

Kyle M (au) wrote: Between a 4 and 4.5. Bumped up for emotional impact and overall good work by everyone involved.