Try Seventeen

Try Seventeen

Teenager Jones has opted not to go to college and is instead renting a room in a boarding house to work on his writing skills. Soon, Jones finds himself dividing his time between two women: a young actress named Lisa and a photographer named Jane. After Jane's ex-boyfriend arrives to help her recover from a car accident, Jones begins to understand just how much he cares for her.

The story of a young man who enters college only to discover that he can learn more about life and love from his neighbors in the apartment building where he lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebecca T (it) wrote: It's been 24 hours since I've seen this film and I fear it might drift through my mind every time I see a woman's portrait. Virgil played by Rush is a self-made man. He runs an exclusive auction house. His world is controlled, regimented, and sterile. He's never made love to a woman. Not since he was a child enjoyed the tactile sensations from touching objects, as he always wears gloves. Only to gentle stroke the brush strokes of a painting does he take them off. His home is part museum, part villa, and as he himself says, 'more like a hotel'. He is also somewhat of a con man. Probably too harsh a word, but at times when he sees a particular painting he wants, he tells patrons their paintings are forgeries. When in fact they are real. He does this to drive the price down so he can acquire them and tuck them into a vault where the portraits of women look down upon him adoringly.Virgil receives a call from Claire Ibbetson requesting he evaluate the artwork in her villa. Her parents are dead and she needs to sell the items. Virgil does not meet with the public, but there is something in her voice which intrigues him. She doesn't show and he's left standing in a rain storm outside the boarded up villa. When she calls again, he's enraged, but she once again intrigues him. As the story enfolds we learn she never leaves the villa. She's afraid of face-to-face interaction.One step at a time, Virgil helps Claire enter the world, and in the process Virgil learns what love is. Unfortunately, all is not how it appears.I don't want to spoil anything, so I will stop here. I will say that in the end I think Virgil, at least for a while, truly lived.

Smarty Z (ru) wrote: So bad!! Shame on Rachel Evans Wood

Brett W (gb) wrote: omg. What a load of rubbish. I have never seen such a dull film. I was bored stiff. So many scenes with no script.

Dennis H (br) wrote: Um ...this movie was mislabeled on Netflix streaming, so when it started I was quite surprised. I am half way through it as I add this, and I really can't add any more to the discussion than my continued surprise.

Robert H (de) wrote: This Canada-Romania co-production released by the family friendly arm of Full Moon called Pulsepounders is the type of low budget film that works perfectly for what it is attempting to achieve but doesn't strive to achieve much. With a made for tv feel similar to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode with music you might find in something like Xena, Teenage Space Vampires is lighthearted, kid friendly scifi horror. The acting is low leveled fun with silly dialogue written so the entire family could understand. The makeup and special FX are something akin to a Power Rangers episode only there is no crazy arm waving kungfu action in this film. Instead of hand to hand combat, we are treated to plenty of neck bitting. While that might seem erotic to some, it comes off more awkward than anything. I don't know about you but if some crazy looking space vampire tried to bite me, I might do something other than scream or fall lazily to the ground. Teenage Space Vampire isn't going to be for everybody, but if you keep in mind that it is geared towards a younger audience, there can be some enjoyment to be had. Of course, if you are a younger audience member who's into scifi, aliens and vampires, this movie was made for you.

Ralph R (us) wrote: No sir, I don't like it.

Tony L (ag) wrote: Briggs best work. brings tears at the ending. This could still happen people

Heidi H (ru) wrote: and they're still hilarious

Byron B (au) wrote: nominated for best picture at the golden globes

James H (it) wrote: Light, colorful and very entertaining with a terrific cast. Don Ameche and Betty Grable do fine in the lead roles, but it's the supporting cast that steals the film, Charlotte Greenwood, Leonid Kinsky and Carmen Miranda are great. It's a familiar plot, but seldom done so well.

Grant T (br) wrote: I loved this movie so much, I can't even explain it. Cher is a fucking queen<3

Paul D (mx) wrote: Having never seen the television show I hoped I would get it, but unfortunately this is made with its established audience in mind, so there was no connection made with the characters, nor any character building to help people like me out. Some of the various cameos are enjoyable.

Drake T (de) wrote: Features everything there is to love about the buddy cop genre, and the nod at 80's culture was just the best icing on top you could ask for.I'm surprised Marsh's daughter isn't on the promotional images or the title because it might as well have been a 3-man show!Every laugh, punch, kick and gunshot is delivered with such excellence that it makes you forget the whole ordeal is a dated stereotype.It's almost amazing to enjoy such a well crafted buddy cop film in 2015 with all the elements you would expect from a classic. A truly great watch!