An ex drug addict tells his hilarious adventure on his way to find heroin, mid August, in Athens.

Athens, mid-August. Tsiou, addicted to substances, while trying to get his dose, mixes a number of people to his search through his sister and her mobster husband. A chain of meetings follows where the pressure passes from one to another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aniqa S (nl) wrote: half a star because its bad. 5 star for making me laugh because of its stupidity

Richard R (br) wrote: Sweet foreign film. Use of color, allusions, symbolic connotations of the HOP. It's great.

Francisco S (nl) wrote: Adventureland is another cliched and predictable movie that is considered a comedy, when it doesn't have any humour, but instead that drowns us in a boring story with a lot of apathetic performances by Kristen Stewart and that doesn't adventure to hide its predictable and stereotyped narrative.

Craig B (au) wrote: 2/10. 81mins of boring. (Dardenne bros should sue)

Jacob B (ag) wrote: Remember the Titans isn't void of the cliches that one would usually come to expect in a Disney sports biopic but with its inspiring real-life story, terrific performances from Denzel Washington and the rest of the cast and touching drama help make the movie succeed in entertaining viewers of every generation.

Fong K (br) wrote: Mike Myers in his most commendable role playing Steve Rubell, the man behind the titular disco that was so out-of-this-world wild in the 80's that an entrance to the place can be a dream to kill for. If only we get to learn more about Steve Rubell, the central character we see so little of and yet most intriguing one among the mundane subplots.

Mike W (ca) wrote: Lemmon and Matthau have done it again!

Edgar C (es) wrote: Some may see guilty pleasures in Tinto Brass' erotic explorations of fantasizing and provocative affairs. The score of this film in particular is unforgettable because of... how it sounds. It's weird. Very unfortunately, the film fails to give a compelling closure or to provoke reflection."How the hell were you looking for something like that in Tinto Brass?" I normally don't, but sometimes the characters and plot handling allow for something more, which in this case became unexplored and ended up being just another amateur softcore attempt.46/100

Seth U (us) wrote: Drags in some parts, and the only actor who looks confident in there roll is 2pac. However, good message about how one false move, can wreck a life. Good movie to watch once or twice.

Birdie S (kr) wrote: I was surprised, this movie was actually pretty good and it was very well-written. The movie provided a good amount of action, humor, and a few interesting plot twists. I recommend.

Stephen G (gb) wrote: This is a masterpiece with the best work from Robert Town, Roman Polanski and the lead actors Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. Everything in this film was thought out flawlessly and Polanski guides the atmosphere in this film brilliantly. Jack Nicholson delivers every scene in high gear and Faye Dunaway's performance seems better with each viewing. This film covers is easily one of the best films I have ever seen and an absolute must see for any aspiring actors, screenwriters, or directors.

Stephen E (mx) wrote: It takes a great deal of time for 'Mrs. Miniver' to get interesting, but when its emotional core starts to heat up, it's hard not to become invested in the characters. Yes, it is incredibly, almost annoyingly sentimental, but that sentimentality becomes bearable as the film progressed and kind of lends itself to the power of the final 45 minutes. Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon and (especially) Henry Travers are just wonderful in their performances.

Les E (nl) wrote: Enjoyed it more and more as it went on. The spirited story never slows and some of the lines that Pancho comes out with are subtley very funny.

Bruno V (gb) wrote: Thought this was a better movie when i bought it ...but my memory was a bit wrong , it's certainly not a bad movie ...just kinda slow . There where interesting conversations with Brad Pitt & Co do ....SOMDVD