Tudo É Brasil

Tudo É Brasil


A film essay about Brazil discovered through Orson Welles eyes during the shooting of It´s All True. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tudo É Brasil torrent reviews

Martin E (nl) wrote: It's not one of his best, but once again he proves that he is a great action star. I figure he appreciates the books, which is why he attempts to portray a written character who is described quite differently.

Chen Y (ru) wrote: Colorful (literally!) and operatic (some conversations sound musical, not the Bollywood kind thankfully....) - full of complex social relationships.

Becky H (mx) wrote: Funny, funny, funny! I guess I just like dark humor better than any other kind. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish.

Alexandre P (mx) wrote: Pas accrochLe final est classieux

Aaron B (ca) wrote: ZIMMERMAN FLEW! TYLER KNEW! TURK 182!

Steve A (fr) wrote: The promise of the riveting opening scene is never fulfilled. "Chariots" is a formulaic and boring sports movie.

Per Gunnar J (au) wrote: Has nothing really to do with Lucky Luke except for the names of the characters. Bizzare nonsens and generally not funny.

Jocey D (gb) wrote: Loved the books in my youth. Movie offered a lighthearted condensed interpretation of the grief experienced by the children. You adapt and do what you must to survive.

Josh E (br) wrote: Hilarious and at times cute teenage romp.

Frank R (nl) wrote: Compared to the other leprechaun movies. Just was a complete failure. A total waste of time to watch. Way to go guys you ruined this one!!!

Todd S (gb) wrote: The Bag Man is one of these incredibly weird and twisted movies, that you really don't want to sit through, but once you start it, you'll finish it, because you'll want to know what's in that bag?! During a secret meeting, a mob boss gives his hit man a seemingly easy job. Pick up a bag, go to a motel in the middle of nowhere, and wait there until the boss comes to pick it up. The hit man does as he's told and gets a room at this motel, which is not only in the middle of nowhere, but is also filled with a group of ridiculously strange people, who all want this mysterious bag. John Cusack stars and no matter the role or the film, he's always fun to watch. There is just something about him that always makes his films entertaining and it's a good thing, especially in a film like this. While Cusack is along for the ride, it is very hard to follow along and like what you're seeing, because the film is just so bizarre. The cast of characters coming for this secret bag, include a pimp, a Russian midget, a corrupt sheriff, and a very weird guy in a wheelchair just to name a few. As the night wears on it becomes harder and harder to protect this bag, and in the end, when the bag is finally opened, you'll realize, that you just wasted 90 minutes for that!? I admire anything John Cusack does, De Niro is always terrific as a gangster, and if nothing else, The Bag Man is unique, but not for it's story. The hook, the thing that really drags you into this is that mysterious bag, which in the end, isn't as special as are you're lead to believe.