Tum Bin...: Love Will Find a Way

Tum Bin...: Love Will Find a Way

Shekhar accidentally kills his associate Amar, and decides to watch over Amar's company and take care of his family and friends. However, he falls in love with Amar's fiancé Piya.

Shekhar accidentally kills his associate Amar, and decides to watch over Amar's company and take care of his family and friends. However, he falls in love with Amar's fiancé Piya. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tum Bin...: Love Will Find a Way torrent reviews

Ashish T (gb) wrote: Pretty nice, interesting chutzpah concept and period feel, but all you really need is the first 30 minutes. The rest is mostly caricaturization and the ever-predictable Twist.

Canem C (ag) wrote: slow but cute movie, not unique in the subject; but has really cool heavy metal soundtrack :) a simple and nice watch; but definitely NOT a must see !

Lee H (nl) wrote: When I read the synopsis, I wondered how they would create a whole film out of that one idea. Unfortunately, I feel this film was doomed from the beginning because of this storyline. It had some big name actors, but it was really very implausible and time wasting. They tried to pad out the idea and managed to make it last nearly 90 minutes which is about 60 minutes too long. The end was the worst and made me realise I had wasted my time, I was waiting for a cleaver twist, but I was left unsatisfied. I would advise to avoid this film, there are many better ones out there.

H A (es) wrote: Very real and true to life; the plot is not contrived or thriller-esque, the movie moves along in the way a real family's wedding weekend might. The acting is very solid by all, especially Anne Hathaway. All in all there is plenty to keep it interesting, good script, visuals, music and directing

Clara V (br) wrote: Really dumb but funny

Alex N (kr) wrote: Its a computer game...great graphics with no story

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Navin B (nl) wrote: True story about an amazing first woman painter in Italy..worth watching once.

GMan (kr) wrote: I must say I was severely blown away! I was amazed by DiCaprio he was beyond convincing as Arthur Rimbaud! The guy that played Paul Verlane he did a good job but didn't really convince me too much. I feel an actor should be soo realistic it should feel natural. I felt he was trying too much or not enough. Either way he was mediocre. The film as a whole was phenomenol. Any Leo fan must w.o. Fail must see this great movie.

Rift S (de) wrote: I prefer it to Dream Child because I actually like the story and characters. The deaths are cool (even though Freddy's puns never stop) and besides the makeup the effects are pretty cool.

Andy P (mx) wrote: Soderbergh's sly, sexy and intelligent look at modern-day relationships and sexual repression and liberation enticed mainstream audiences to see small-scale indie films and it's not hard to see why, with superb acting, unexpected depth and sensitivity.

William C (de) wrote: Smokey and the Bandit II is a follow up adventure movie that reunites Burt Reynolds as the Bandit and his good old bud Cledus better known as "Snowman". We also see the return of the bride to be in the first movie as well a bride again, but the bandit comes a calling and off she goes leaving the same man as in the first film, Junior Justice. With Junior Justice you have good old Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T.Justice alongside him, and yet again for another time he is after the bandit, this time trying to deliver an elephant (Ran out of ideas quickly me thinks).It all plays out rather fast paced which is both it's biggest positive but also negative, the story is fairly frantic and not well thought out in parts and just a little bit shaky. It's good old fun don't get me wrong but the laughter isn't flowing and some of the things that happen are just downright stupid, by the end you feel almost like doing something dumb. The stunts are the best thing in the story and I won't doubt the movie on it's skill of keeping you engaged, but that doesn't mean it is good.Hal Needham directs OK but never well enough to save this from being average, his touch is both too cringe but also dampens some of the moments that could have had laughs. The writing is not well done and possibly one of the worst things about this, it just makes the story as mentioned more stupid and contains moments and characters that are just needlessly un-needed. What the film really needed to be even OK was just to have an injection of good writing and some more clinically funny bits to be the kind of alright movie I felt the first one was.Reynolds comes back not as good as before but still has a little bit of his style that he gives Bo Darville aka the Bandit and he gives a performance that I felt was good albeit not as funny as he was in the first. Jackie Gleason as the Sheriff is for me the funniest person in this in fact if anything he gets funnier in this movie than previous, the jokes are well suited to him and the funny relationship with his son is at times fun to see. Sally Field is the bride to be yet again who comes to the aid of the bandit and the snowman and she brings plain acting, I won't criticise her so harshly but she is far from OK, makes her scenes stale and also for some reason disappears for most of the second half of the movie then returns out of nowhere. I think all in all this was fun-ish, but not fun enough for me to kind of like it; it was more for me a kind of dislike and disappointing actually. That said I know for a fact fans of the first will enjoy this as it basically lifts off from where the first finished in a sort of way, it tries too hard to remake what made the first a smash and does create a so-so piece. So overall I wouldn't really recommend it but then again I wouldn't say don't try it, just don't watch it if your looking for a bit more "smart" entertainment, but sure if you want a quick watch that doesn't require much thought then this is perfect, but still mediocre.

Ben H (br) wrote: I think this a great classic and shows a format that they should have stuck with - brings up the question "why did they make Sahara?"

Crispin T (de) wrote: More like Trans-Am weekends.

Emma F (br) wrote: 'Mise-en-scene' - haunting yet feels empty somehow

Hannah S (fr) wrote: A strange but sweet Swedish suicide fable... It unfortunately doesn't work as whole - Lolita Davidovich's madcap turn is far too annoying - which is a shame. Had it focused more on the suicidal duo of Skarsgard's transvestite and Benz, and their mobster captor it would've been better entertainment as this trio provide most of the heartfelt moments and comedy.

Dave S (it) wrote: There were some good things in this movie, but not enough to pull it through. The main actress did really well, but the rest of the cast was a bit lacking. The actress that played Piki did a fine job too though. The main idea of the movie was good. It had a good premise. There were several pretty dramatic scenes that were done pretty well. Overall though, I fell asleep briefly on several occasions. I didn't think any of the "scares" were well done. They were cheap and ineffective. I did like the very of the end of the movie though. It ended tastefully. All in all, it was better than Suicide Squad...