A woman constantly runs from town to town with her 12 year old daughter to escape failed relationships. The film opens with one escape and the shift into a new start in San Diego. There Mom takes up with a controlling trucker and fights with her weirdo boss. Meanwhile, the daughter, used to making the constant shifts, finds a fit at school including getting chosen for a play lead.

A woman constantly runs from town to town with her 12 year old daughter to escape failed relationships. The film opens with one escape and the shift into a new start in San Diego. There Mom... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard S (ag) wrote: This is a beautiful looking film with some spectacular fight scenes that covers an interesting period in China's history. It's the 3rd biographical film I've seen about IP Man, probably the best out of the 3 but the thing it's lacking is dramatic punch like the other 2. This has the edge over the other 2 due to style and superb choreography but it's still lacking something which means it's difficult ti care about the characters. Plus it would be nice if one of these IP Man movies covered the period later in his life when he trained his most famous student; Bruce Lee.

Bonnie C (us) wrote: Somehow overly sentimental, but the movie is a soothing flow of connection that two very unlikely people form over something that they both share kindred heart to: cooking.

David L (kr) wrote: A little different to what I was expecting which I think was a good thing as I'd expected some lavish production full of drag queens and bitchiness. On the contrary, it was pretty much a Christina concert, with a Cher warm up act, with a measure of dialogue for luck. It certainly didn't take long to get going as we were in the club with pretty much the second scene of the movie with Xtina immediately getting herself noticed and wanting an audition. Some of the character relations were good but these kind of petered out once Ms Aguilera landed the lead role as every other scene was a production of hers in lavish costume and typically over the top vocals. If you're a big fan of these acts then you'll love this movie, but other than one song that was reasonably catchy, the music was not that memorable. It's a typical chick flick but not even that as there's not enough off stage scenes for my liking. There's plenty of pouting, posing, and performing up to the camera's and the cast have naturally been chosen for their looks more than their acting CV. There's a typically Channing Tatum like actor who seems to be removing his top and striking sultry looks at every opportunity, and the direction this movie was taking was pretty obvious as it settled in. Not that I've seen it but I can imagine that Britney Spears' movie would be pretty similar to this in the sense that she'd be working with model guys, showcasing her vocal 'talents' and aiming the movie towards fans of their albums as opposed to the general public. To be fair, the acting could have been a lot worse, and Cher is possibly a better actress than singer now anyway due to the fact she can hardly move her face - perhaps this makes her the perfect candidate to play a part in the Mannequin series of films?! Casting aside, this wasn't the best, as it lacked variation, comedy and more importantly; a decent soundtrack.

Joey T (nl) wrote: I liked this movie as a kid and after re-watching it I still found it to be entertaining.

Colin D (br) wrote: To say this is one confusing movie that goes NO where is to say the least. Even if there is anything that would be bringing any sort of action to the movie just gets phased out by a black screen.

Mohammed Ammar A (kr) wrote: Irrational bizzare massive product from Svankmajer, big appreciate what he did with his brain, special !

Steve W (it) wrote: Combining fluid animation and psychological themes, Paprika is a vivid and wonderful offering from director Satoshi Kon. Its disturbing, suspenseful, thrilling, and beautiful, all at the same time.

brenda j (fr) wrote: Gandhi was amazing the most important scene in the entire movie was when Gandhi and his wife did their wedding vows. I loved when they did the steps and she responded by saying I will follow you. Gandhi's marriage was arranged and they knew each other since they were thirteen years old and learned to love one another. Gandhi was a man on a mission and accomplished great things for the Indian nation. The last and not least of everything in the movie he said he would for the cause but he would kill for the cause.

Louis D (ca) wrote: Lucio Fulci's 1975 Western deserves praise for visually demonstrating the transition of the Western genre via its hero changing from a cocky card shark to the emotionally hardened drifter demonstrated significantly better by Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood. Fulci also provides brilliantly constructed commentary on the masculinity of the westerner, seeing as how said character transition takes place in a town consisting only of men. I Quattro dell'apocalisse, however, is horrendous in its pacing and offers some of the worst folky-rock music ever recorded as a narrative device for the characters' struggle. These flawed elements too often remove us from the severity of the events portrayed on screen, and show a general misunderstanding of the genre attempting to be revised. Good ideas executed poorly.

Tim S (nl) wrote: I'm going to go ahead and start by saying that my rating of this reflects my enjoyment of this movie and not necessarily its quality. It's a real piece of crap, and I know that, but I enjoyed it anyway. The effects are bad, the acting is bad, the set pieces are bad... everything is just, well, bad. It doesn't matter though. I've been advised to read the original serial novels that this film was adapted from and I very well could someday, but I don't write this off as just a piece of trash and hate on it for what it is. I laughed quite a bit, saw the ironies of the thing and just flat out had a good time with it. It's no masterpiece, but it's candy-coated garbage cinema at its finest!

Tyler E (ca) wrote: greg hyped this up way to much for me, its really boring...

arif b (au) wrote: ironik tabii, hibir ?ey tout va bien de?ildi. gzel film.

Paul T (es) wrote: Funny at times, but DRY humor.

Vicky S (br) wrote: Such an interesting story and well worth watching.

Chrles Dvid H (es) wrote: Along with The A-Team, The Losers and From Paris This Love, this is another cronicle in the sad story of failed 2010 Macho-Lots-of-Guns films.

Aaron K (kr) wrote: the final shot is haunting