Tumse Achha Kaun Hai

Tumse Achha Kaun Hai

In order to get medical treatment for his sister, a brother faces challenges when he is hired to subdue three out-of-control heiresses.

In order to get medical treatment for his sister, a brother faces challenges when he is hired to subdue three out-of-control heiresses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (ru) wrote: This was definitely not the toilet humor I expected, for the most part. The characters are really likeable, and while the plot is a bit weak, it was just a lot of fun to watch. Definitely got more than I expected with this one.

Eaten S (gb) wrote: A beautiful final eulogy spoken by Spalding himself. I think he knew what was on his epitaph, if not in stone then in spirit: this is a lamentation.

Cheewai L (ca) wrote: Low budget special effects just don't cut it. "Borderland" with a similar theme is infinitely more entertaining.

Nicole W (gb) wrote: Sooooo funny... Love it:)

Mandy S (es) wrote: A fun and adventurous sugar-coated tween girl flick with some good laughs. People outside the film's target demographic should steer clear, but for those watching the movie for what it is, this one absolutely does the trick.

Kirk J (gb) wrote: In 1999, American energy corporation AES bought then government-owned Telasi, the power station in Tbilisi, Georgia, and began charging its customers for power for the first time. Power Trip documents the next four years of turmoil that the company and the people of Georgia underwent during this ill-fated attempt. AES basically threw the Georgians into this capitalist scheme without any sort of strategy for adjustment, expecting the people to adapt even though the average $25-per-month electricity bill was already more money than many (if not most) people's entire wages. The Georgians did start to adapt, but not in the way AES had hoped: they just kept coming up with more and more ingenious ways of stealing the electricity. AES also had to deal carefully with the government, as the president and other lofty politicians would redirect power to themselves and their friends and family so that even when customers paid, AES still couldn't provide the electricity they had paid for.Clearly, there are many issues at play here: the transition from a communist economy to a capitalist economy; how a country under someone else's control for 70 years deals with independence; the influence of the West (the USA in particular) on financially weaker countries with a strong cultural identity; corporate responsibility; government corruption; even a little post-Cold War politics as the Americans deal with the Russians, who are still trying to maintain control of the post-Soviet satellite countries. (AES strove to remain in Georgia even after they had lost more than $200 million. Eventually their shareholders forced them to pull out; frighteningly, Telasi is now owned by the Russians.) I was amazed at how keenly and succinctly Devlin presented all these issues and kept them in balance, while at the same time painting a good portrait of Georgian culture and following the story of a particularly charismatic AES employee (the English Piers Lewis, an old friend of the director's who pretty much threads the film together) as he dives into the culture and deals with the customer base on a more personal level (he's the only foreign employee who took the time to learn the language) which adds yet another level of thematic material to the film.Throughout all of this Devlin remains cool and non-polemical. His film is not about the Evil American Corporation taking over the Poor Defenseless Third-World Country, nor is it about Progressive Business trying to convince some backwater yokels to step into 21st Century global economy. Devlin realizes the problem is much more complex than that, and it's to his immense credit that he presents that complexity accurately without letting it confound his film in the process.

Donna F (jp) wrote: Fascinating character study, and young Alison Lohman steals the show. She's one to watch in the future, and be sure to check her out in Matchstick Men.

Elina U (mx) wrote: so I watched like the end kind of. probably like half the movie I donno. natalie portman is good. the mum was a bitch. decent movie. the end was like so cheesy and cliched. yeah

Kimball P (nl) wrote: Recommended by TableTalk magazine, Keith Mathison

Sean C (ru) wrote: A fun watch but now that we are 4 or 5 movies in, you wonder why Annette still puts up with Frankie.

Drew S (ag) wrote: Like The Man Who Knew Too Much, I love this movie for reasons I don't really understand - probably nostalgia.

Horrific R (fr) wrote: A film with a very simplistic plot. The movie waste far too much time trying to build suspense and the atmosphere, resulting in no replay value and little actual entertainment to begin with. This movie suffers from something I call the "climax curse." This film starts out decently interesting with the intro back story and the arrival at the main location for the film... But from there, it simply devolves. It's easy to make the beginning of a scary story... What's challenging to do, is to back it up, have the story become increasingly interesting as it goes on rather than devolve. This is far from the only film to suffer from the climax curse, but it is a prime example of the climax curse at work. I don't recommend this film, you will leave with nothing but wasted time.

John T (ag) wrote: The date's wrong; this was made in 1953. Brilliant movie from the Ealing studios with a wonderful cast, including Stanley Holloway.

Jude M (gb) wrote: One of the best war films of all time, Black Hawk Down has it all: great acting, a compelling and gritty story, and one of Hans Zimmer's best scores.

PJ H (us) wrote: Fantastic documentary. Brutally personal story about a family with several real characters.

Tyler J (au) wrote: First One Was Better This MOVIE was Okay But I Really loved the first movie I should watch it maybe on Next Halloween That would be good Like The first movie is more like a Halloween Film Then This Movie HALLOWEEN 2 But This Movie Was Good. GOOD JOB JOHN CARPENTER HAVE A COOKIE WAIT ACTUALLY Did John Carpenter Even Direct This Film CRAP!

Mandy D (mx) wrote: that's so flipped sweet

Pichi P (jp) wrote: This is one of my favourite movies and definately my favourite Christmas movie. Aside of being funny as what, it tackles a lot of important themes. Greed, the hypocricy of groupthink, the giant gap between rich and poor, racism and being betrayed by "friends" and falling from grace. Eventually, intellectual wit and true friendship win the day and provide a very satisfying happy end. Every time I watch this movie, I see new details of the rich world the directors have shaped. I learned a lot about the economy thanks to this movie. And the acting is superb. The way characters as Billy Valentine (Eddie Murphy) and Mortimer Duke (Don Ameche) sometimes break the fourth wall is hilarious. Best line: the lovely and ever so proper Coleman on war path saying: "Egg nolk?"Oh and I forgot about the superior soundtrack. Starting the movie with Mozart's Marriage of Figaro and images of the rich and the poor, the trading and the properous is nothing short of brilliant.

Elijah F (es) wrote: Not my type of flick...