Set in Hoxton, East London; our story follows George and Sophie, they're saving money to go on their first holiday together, the deposit is paid, and they have two weeks left to pay the outstanding balance of £2,000. Sophie has entrusted George with her holiday savings and is keen to settle the debt with the travel agents. The only trouble is, unbeknown to Sophie, George is flat broke. In a vain attempt to raise cash, George uses Sophie's holiday money to fund an ill judged deal.

Based on an original screenplay by Director Lee Sales and actors Francis Pope and George Russo, Turnout is set in Hoxton, East London where all 3 grew up. Our story follows George and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kan T (br) wrote: hikaye etkiliyor tamam... ama film etkilemiyor...kopuk kopuk gelisiyor...gereksiz karakterler ve ayrintilar olaya dahil olmamiza engel oluyor gibi...

Faley A (mx) wrote: Not better than the prequel largo Winch. But not that bad too. It had its moments, sometimes overcooked though.

Shilo (au) wrote: I hated that movie.... because they got the whole story wrong and in the end the movie made the children be afraid of him? that's stupid they love him and beshide in the real life they were yong and they still love him

Danielle D (gb) wrote: I like this movie a lot. It is funny.

Tyler H (br) wrote: What a spectacular movie. I tacked on an extra star for the amount of times this movie made me laugh. This is basically a low-grade stab at the Godzilla cash cow (that's a lot of mixed metaphors, huh?) and it's very enjoyable. A giant turtle attacks Tokyo while swinging his arms and making shifty eyes while walking slowly. There's an "Inuit" who speaks in disjointed English, and an old man who doesn't appear to be speaking any language at all. Also, there's lots of phenomenal animated effects. Half of that extra star alone should go to the surf-rock band sequence. This series gets weirder and goofier as it goes along, and this is a great start.

David S (kr) wrote: Patriotic Sturges movie about personal responsibility that is worth seeing but not operating quite at the heights of his work from several years prior (e.g., Palm Beach Story).

Rob H (au) wrote: note to self: i'm i'm every going to sit through a movie to watch a heather graham sex scene..it must be boogie nights..BAD indie movie..but heather graham doggie style.yeah babbyyy