As the new millenium approaches, Karl & Ulf ('Karl & Co') begin planning a big party, reuniting Karl with some old friends he thought he'd seen the last of. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tusenårsfesten torrent reviews

Kevin M (es) wrote: the subject is rich and controversial but the film is very mundane and safe

Allan C (it) wrote: Sandwiched between two rather average post apocalyptic short films is a brilliant and masterfully made short film. All three of the post apocalyptic stories in this three story anthology film involve the role of humans in our own destruction. The first is a rather uninspiring comic zombie story and the third one is a somewhat better humorous killer asteroid story, but it's the middle film that really stands out and being something special. This segment is titled "The Heavenly Creature" and was directed by Kim Jee-woon. The story is about a robot at a Buddhist temple who believes they have reached enlightenment. The monks believe it to be true, but hey call in the technician from the company who made the robot that that is where the film becomes a bit more philosophical, asking questions about what truly constitutes enlightenment, mainly focusing on if it's more important for the individual to hold this belief of if it's believe be those around them to are more important. It's a really fascinating story that reminded me greatly of "I, Robot" Outer Limits episode where a robot is put on trial for murder. The film had two directors, with Kim directing this middle story and another director behind the other two. I'd seen Kim's wilding original "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" and his entertaining, though rather pedestrian American film debut with Arnold's return as a leading man with "The Last Stand". However, a couple of Kim's film have been on my list of films to watch for some time, so I will definitely be putting "A Tale of Two Sisters" and "I Saw the Devil" right at the top of my list to watch this summer. "The Heavenly Creature" would be a ****12 film on it's own, but the taken as a whole, this film is a mere ***1/2 film.

Lyric B (fr) wrote: Very bad. Worse than an Olsen twins movie.

Sean L (es) wrote: Terrible things keep happening to a group of characters whom you really aren't given reason to like in the first place. The cast looks great on paper, but it's a jumble of overacting dramatics and is just not worth watching.

Charlie G (ca) wrote: Typical zombie movie. Well done but typical.Three years after a cure for cancer is released, the world is left devastated and filled with cannibalistic zombies who only come out at night.Movie is comprised of daily activities and flashbacks. Mostly uneventful till right at the end.

Omega T (es) wrote: funny, weird and enjoyable

Greg W (au) wrote: good except the ending which is stolen from the italian classic 'pickpocket"

Steve E (it) wrote: If it wasn't so damn slow moving, I'd rate it higher. The young girl's performance is really good, and tough to pull, but she did manage to do it. The other actors are fine, and it has a visual style that was popular in those days, but is excellently executed here. It's one of those psychological supernatural exorcist-type movie. But I found it very very slow moving, tediously slow.

Private U (ag) wrote: The funniest blaxploitation movie ever made as far as I'm concerned. Willie was a true pimp in every sense of the word. The guy wore a tin of cocaine around his wrist like a watch...need I say more? Some of the best dialogue ever committed to film was in this movie. Unfortunately it is relatively obscure, but if you ever get a chance WATCH IT and just try and control your laughter!

Andrew B (es) wrote: Even with a plot that is somewhat not believable I found Limitless to be really entertaining. I am not going to bash a movie for having a plot that could not happen in real life, after all this is the movies and why they are made, so its fun to sit back and imagine that it could be real. This is actually the first Bradley Cooper movie I watched and realized that this guy had some potential to be a pretty good actor in the future. Deniro is underwhelming as he has been for the last 20 years, but that doesn't hurt the film at all. Limitless was thrilling and kept you interested and excited throughout the entire movie. Definitely worth a watch if your looking for a fun movie to check out if there is nothing else on at the time.

Indu R (kr) wrote: I thought this movie was better than Snatch. The cast was good in this movie. I thought the plot was great in this movie and that is why this movie was better than Snatch in my opinion. The plot focused on three groups trying to get the money and the two guns. This movie was funny and entertaining especially the ending.