When his best friend and podcast co-host goes missing in the backwoods of Canada, a young guy joins forces with his friend's girlfriend to search for him.

Hosting popular podcaster The Not-See Party, Wallace Bryton decides to fly to Canada to interview the Kill Bill Kid, an Internet celebrity famous for severing his leg without knowing that Kill Bill Kid died recently. Wallace happens to meet a strange man who kidnaps him later and plans to transform Wallace into a walrus by cutting his legs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tusk torrent reviews

Joel A (ca) wrote: Ovanligt bra fr att vara svensk action.Riktigt snyggt producerad men ngra pinsamt dliga dilaoger snker betyget.Och fr guds skull, skippa krlekstramset till nsta film...Persbrandt kan spela stenhrd agent/polis, inget annat.

Puru G (kr) wrote: A must for Irfan fans :)

Miss S F (jp) wrote: this movie is just so unbelievably tragic!!! you just feel so sad at the end.karishma kapoor was so excellent in this and the story is rivetting. her dad was a meanie and her first husband a weakling. She should have just take her son when she remarried. That was slack of her mum. i never knew what to think of the queen chick. Sometimes she was a bitch and others she was nice. I loved the end, how it didnt really tell you how she died. Leaves her more of a mystery.

Jelena D (it) wrote: One of my favourite films of all time!!!

Emil H (de) wrote: Something as usual as a time loop movie that's not a comedy (Groundhog Day, Naken), plus it has James Belushi as a tough bad guy!

Mr Andrew Sly k (us) wrote: THIS IS MY FUTURE'S LEGACY!

Michael W (it) wrote: The continuing saga of Tony Manero as he moved to Manhattan from Brooklyn to make it on Broadway as a dancer. An underdog story with Travolta, as Manero, not being likeable enough to really root for entirely. Film signalled a downturn for both Travolta and the Bee Gees, whose assortment of songs are overshadowed by Frank Stallone's high-intensity hit "Far From Over".

James H (us) wrote: It sure starts off rather brutal with a tar and feather scene. It's a well meaning film, but it's so unprofessionally done that it is hard to sit through. The acting is very amateur, the production values are poor. Very preachy.

william m (es) wrote: Cary Grant is the only thing going for this film. Otherwise, the plot is typical, and the children overacting annoyances.

RJohn X (us) wrote: Fuller directs war pictures like he were trying to punch a charlie horse into your leg or dead arm ya. Only propaganda here is MEN against MEN. Damn fine. Gene Evans is chisled greatness again.