Tutti contro tutti

Tutti contro tutti


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Mira Mohd S (us) wrote: Shame!!Expected more from the director of Dasvidaniya..a simple plot with comic elements..unfortunately loses steam in the 2nd half...Dolly Ahluwalia & Tusshar gve a superb performance...

Andrew M (de) wrote: Despicable Me 2 is more hilarious and amazing. This movie is a step upward from the original Despicable Me. This movie has tons of more laughs and is a perfect family movie. I would very much suggest this movie.

Kristina K (kr) wrote: You must watch this movie only to see the fantastic performance of Eva Green!

Shannon F (ag) wrote: I really, really wanted to like this more than I did. I found the lack of dialogue frustrating. At least, perhaps, we could have had a bit more narration of what characters were thinking? Reading her letters to her Dad really helped, but I became frustrated with the silent cafe scenes.

Simon M (ru) wrote: This film is the most unbelievable film i've ever seen. An elephant child that speaks english, wears white-man clothes and has been given the responsability to rule a nation. I mean come on, at least Braveheart is vaguely based within the realms of physics.

Mark S (br) wrote: Rodney shoots, and.......it's a big miss.

Mark S (jp) wrote: Possibly the greatest surfing movie of all time. This movie is to surfing what Better Off Dead is to skiing. I just came back from the North Shore and this was all I kept thinking about. I think it might even be a spectacular drinking game if the rules involve drinking anytime you hear a cheesy 80's line. I can hands-down guarantee you will be quoting this movie til the day you die. "Nobody listens to Turtle." Pure genius.

Michael C (gb) wrote: The original buddy cop comedy for my lifetime. 82, wow.....Still sooooo good. Nolte and Murphy are great together and Annette O'Toole my first actress crush.

Ian C (ru) wrote: The franchise starts to go completely mental with the introduction of Tilly. Who before her transformation delivers one serious twitch.

Sarah (jp) wrote: Okay so I totally knew that this movie was going to suck and it absolutely did. Horrible acting, story, script, lighting, music, sound effects etc. etc. I read the original story The Fall of the House of Usher, prior to seeing this and honestly if it werent for the title and the character names I would never have linked them to each other. It doesnt follow the story at all. Completely awful but that made me laugh. I got to laugh at just how lame it was. And hey at least half the cast was almost always appearing in only their briefs so I can't complain about that ;)

bill s (ca) wrote: A beautiful bittersweet mob movie,wonderfully acted as well as textured....one of the last in Newman's storied career but a great way to go out.