Tutti possono arricchire tranne i poveri

Tutti possono arricchire tranne i poveri

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   1970s,  

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Tutti possono arricchire tranne i poveri torrent reviews

Gareth D (au) wrote: Hard to express without giving anything away. A bold choice by Burt Lancaster and a gripping character driven mystery. A film about true faces and the reluctance to see them. Great screenplay, by a lady no less.(Updated rating from 4 to 5 because the film is living inside me. If only he swam the other way. But that was his tragedy. A must see film. Especially for writers.)

Julien A (fr) wrote: Un film francais tres etonnant (en bien!). L'univers des jeux de role sert ici a mettre en avant une belle histoire de fraternite qui bascule progressivement vers le thriller. Dommage simplement que cette fiction manque un peu d'ampleur formelle.Le duo Vincent Perez et Jeremie Renier est parfait: Perez joue un musicien de musique classique (univers deja aborde par Denis Dercourt dans La Tourneuse de Pages) a l'attitude rigide, dans son meilleur role depuis des lustres. Jeremie Renier, grand habitue des freres Dardenne, met ici plutot mal a l'aise et joue un personnage assez troublant.

Andrew S (br) wrote: The animation in this is absolutely brilliant, great story, voice acting and amazing action scenes. Definitely one to watch whether a fan of Tin Tin or not!

Dan A (br) wrote: Brilliant!!!! The most brilliant and innovative movie musical adaptation ever!!!


Lexie T (us) wrote: Wonderful music, fantastic singing - great idea for a film. I enjoyed Aidan Quinn and thought Emmy Rossum stole the limelight with her quaint songs. Had a lot of 'taboo' subject matter and dealt with prejudice toward 'Mountain People' as well.

Pierluigi P (mx) wrote: A not so pleasant peek into the slums of latin america. Few films achieve such heartwrenching misery and crudeness. No MTV videoclip style of cinematography and editing, just rough reality and real poor kids making a few bucks while pouring their hearts and minds in front of a camera.

Peter L (nl) wrote: My Rating: 3/5 stars; Grade: B-; Gesture: Thumbs Sideways; Status: Passable (Fresh); Emoticon: :-I.

FilmGrinder S (us) wrote: 88%"Bring me back my bananas!"-Banana Man (Harry Basch)A hidden gem! High adventure, comedy, crazy stunts and a political message about sapping other countries' resources, whats not to like. Has a great cast who are obviously having fun. I'd have to say SWASHBUCKLER had some influence on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise.

Ernie T (us) wrote: Entertaining martial arts-spaghetti western about a man from China who comes to the West to find a new life but winds up fighting all sorts of evil doers.

Bill M (gb) wrote: The MADNESS has begun!

Scott R (it) wrote: Surprisingly bearable thanks to the rapport between Mac and Kutcher, but when compared to Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, it's mostly stale.